The Lunar Cycle & The Creative Journey

In This Course We Will Explore :

  • The 8 lunar phases and the expression they bring through
  • The archetypal qualities of each phase and its primary tasks as related to creativity
  • What is creativity and how is it regarded in our modern world?
    • At what cost?
  • Self identify where on the cycle we get stuck or hang out. Again, at what cost?
  • Develop a sense of psychological wholeness and creative sustainability as mirrored to us by the lunar cycle
  • Learn to participate fully with the whole cycle - find balance
  • Walk with specific practices to apprentice to the parts of the cycle we are less familiar with.

Total Running Time : 3 hrs

What's Included :

  • A download link to a two-part, 3 hour video with slides
  • Home play exercises and practice suggestions
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Elemental Hoopdance Teaching Guidebook

This comprehensive 170+ page manual for hoop dancers and aspiring hoop dance teachers is finally being made available outside of the Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training e-course.

Part reflective workbook, and part how-to, the Elemental Hoopdance Guidebook is the perfect resource for your unfolding teaching journey. We use the wheel of the five primary elements of air, fire, water and earth, to get closer to various aspects of hoop dance teaching, including; trick and technique, curriculum design, alignment, group facilitation and your own unique expression inside and out.

Table of Contents:

  • Empowered Leadership in a Time of Global Change
  • Overview of One Hoop One Love
  • Teaching One Hoop One Love
  • Method of Teaching - Spiral Pathways
  • Terminology & Planes of Movement
  • Why Myth, Metaphor and Imagery?
  • Why the Elements?
  • Somatic Movement
  • Embodied Anatomy
  • Element Breakdown/Inspiration
  • Taking the Seat of the Teacher
  • Active voicing/Sacred Speech
  • Methods of Learning/Teaching (4 Ways of Knowing)
  • Know your Audience
  • Ins and outs of Hoop Selection/Suggestion
  • Air Element Breakdown/Inspiration 
  • Teaching with Air
  • Centering
  • Warm-up (no hoop & hoop)
  • Air Tricks
  • Element Breakdown/Inspiration
  • Teaching with Fire
  • Fire Tricks
  • Teaching with Water
  • Water Tricks
  • Circuits and Flows
  • Element Breakdown/Inspiration
  • Teaching with Earth
  • Earth Tricks
  • Circuits and Flows
  • Cool down / Closing Meditation
  • Suggested Artists (Music) 
  • Intro to Alchemy 
  • Sequencing a One Hoop One Love Class
  • Multi-Level Instruction
  • Lesson Planner
  • Lesson Plans for Beginner Hoopers
  • Ecstatic Hoopdance Guide and Lesson Plan
  • Circuits at a Glance
  • Business Basics 101
  • Branding Basics 101
  • Marketing Basics 101
  • Booklist & Suggested Reading
  • Resources
  • The Power of Rhythm
  • Power vs. Empowerment
  • What is Tantra?
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