Cultivate Wildly Intelligent Leadership

We need switched-on women contributing in artful and impactful ways to the challenges and opportunities of our time. 

To do so we must re-vitalize our first language; a language of the earth and of soul, ripe with imagination, instinct, creativity, and profound archaic, original language fluent in the body’s wild grace and feral intelligence. 

Our Mother Tongue... 

Mother Tongue is a highly personalized opportunity to discover and inhabit your place and purpose within your webs of impact.  


The Territory

Learn and practice the art of deep listening and creative inquiry

Return to your widest, and wildest belonging to the natural world through practice

Engage the deep imagination, cultivate feeling, and sensory awareness

Lean into your instinctive, feminine knowing

Develop sustaining practices to align your actions and decisions with the ground of being

Cultivate wholeness and a capacity to self-heal limiting habits and protective patterns

Discover how the feminine moves through you uniquely


Soulcentric Leadership 

North - Earth - Midnight - Moon Dark

We begin at the root, in the depths of our being, wiggling our toes in the rich soil of the soul. We begin in the dark where we must again trust the rhythms of psyche and earth. We feel into an awareness of ways we may stay small and hidden, to foster a felt sense of wholeness and internal strength, to provide tools for self-healing, and to call us - as women in leadership - back into a wider, wilder belonging.

Instinct & Intuition

Tracking the Deeper, Hidden Story

Reconnect with Earth and Rhythm

Authenticity, Integrity, Belonging

Innate Wholeness


The Spiral & The Circle

East - Air - Dawn - Waxing Moon

The dawn comes, the wind picks up, the moon waxes toward full. Here we stand at the beginning, facing the horizon of our own becoming with inspiration, and curiosity. Here we cultivate wonder and open ourselves to feel the world through the living presence of our bodies. Here we see the biggest possible pattern for our lives - and the ways we are connected to everyone, and everything else. We track our growth with compassion and the lighthearted wisdom of the crone and the innocent.

Entangled Curiosity

Webs of Connection and Relationship

Sensate Presence and the Wisdom of the Body

Realms of Human Potential & Wholeness



The Deep Erotic

South - Fire - Midday - Full Moon

We turn toward the full, life-giving power of the sun, and the heat in our belly grows. We tend here to the central fire of our being - and feed its flames through our passion, pleasure and desire for a full, generative life. We know here that to feel fully, and to be alive, is to feel deeply, and so pick up the threads of the exiled feminine capacities to know through our emotions and lead from a place of personal brilliance. The South is an aspect of the human experience that has long been repressed - or marginalized - in women in particular…yet it is the deep erotic that engenders true innovation, creativity, and shows us the way toward offering our gift.

Passion, Pleasure and Deep Purpose

Emotional Intelligence

Feeling Sense

Power and Love



Women’s Leadership & The Soul 

West - Water - Twilight - Waning Moon

The West, the twilight of eventide, and the setting sun, the exhale of the moon is the path toward soul. Soul is a living, breathing, untamable path of becoming. Soul refers to your True Place - the gift that only you carry for your people and for the world. 

When we enter into the terrain of soul and begin to live from those images, mysterious though they are, many things get clear and certain choices in our lives become simplified. We realize that tracking this thread - the thread that is bleeding through YOU right now and making itself known to you and only you, is your sacred task. Everything else, a distraction. Though the path we take is unknown, it is fully ours to take, and in doing so we serve the whole in ways we couldn’t have planned alone.

Models of Women’s Initiation

Lunar Consciousness

Conversations and Ceremony

Dream, Image and Soul



Becoming Visible 

Center - The Great Round

It is not enough to know ourselves and our unique passions and gifts. To be truly human, and truly alive is to give it all away - to die of generosity. To do so is to offer both through our being, our presence, and through our leadership. Here we explore a process-oriented approach to learning what to give away.

Learn, Live & Lead in Generosity

Know & Offer Your Unique Wisdom

Gain Tools, and Practices for Your Offering

Feed Your People


Private Mentorship Builds on the Following Intentions

To develop the inner resources necessary to live from the wild, whole self, which is to live at the deepest level of our authenticity.

To cultivate diverse faculties of knowing that have been atrophied and ignored in contemporary western culture.

To enter into the mysteries of psyche and soul.

To foster and nurture our relationship with all beings on this wild earth as alive and intelligent and capable of connection. 

To help you get closer to the central conversation you are called to have with the world, and to help you gain resources and tools for personal and professional development.


Women who are in an active leadership role in their lives, communities or businesses who hunger for a deeper relationship to the innate wisdom of psyche and earth. Women who know there is another way to live and lead.


Women who feel an increasing urgency to shed acculturated habits and limiting beliefs so that they can step more fully into service during this time of great complexity and transition.


Women who have heard the call of the earth to shift the dominant western narrative of separation and isolation so that we can participate more harmoniously, artfully and creatively in our varies vocational roles.


Women who would be served by a ritual and confidential process of personal and leadership development. Women who know they can hold themselves accountable to self-guided practices and processes.


Women who know we are who we are by nature of our relationship with everyone else - both human, and other-than-human - and are leading, or would like to lead from true wholeness. Women who feel pursued by a mysterious longing to deepen into their True Place of Belonging.


Women who yearn to bring their deepest and most creative potential to their work, and who aspire to make a unique contribution to the world.


Connection to the Earth Community | Here we re-member that we are who we are by nature of our relationships with everything else. We are not separate from nature, but a part of nature - capable of co-participating with not only our human communities but with the land we live on, the food we eat, the seasons and lunar cycles, the ebb and flow of the ocean tides... Nature is our primary guide and a powerful mirror on our personal and collective journeys. Women are remembering everywhere there is another way to live

Holistic Human Development | The time for compartmentalization is no longer. We live in a world that demands we acknowledge and celebrate the fullness of what it means to be human. Our practices, classes, and mentorships are anchored into multiple ways of knowing and guiding; including physical, emotional, and imaginal intelligence, and heart-centered thinking. We explore every sector of our life-experience, both personal, relational, collective, professional and the territory of spirit/soul. In doing so, we welcome home innate human capabilities that are needed here now.

Evocation of the Possible | We approach the psyche with reverence for its depth and mystery and believe in its capacity to develop innate resources that have the power to self-heal. We hold the belief that each being is utterly unique, and carries specific, never-seen-before gifts that if un-realized, will be lost to all of us forever. We believe in the emergent, and creative power of the soul that invites us into our future potential through our longings and our fears.

Reverence for the Dark | Our deepest wounds, our life-passage crises, our hidden fears and worst nightmares, our holy rage, grief, and undoing are fertile opportunities to grow downward - into our own depth. It is time we call home the fertile darkness that brings us into an open and vulnerable state - that renews our creativity, and reminds us of what we stand for and why. If we deny the dark, we deny ourselves initiatory passages and true, systemic transformation. From a place of wholeness, we revere the dark, and welcome the holy mess of what it means to be human.

Visionary Leadership Coaching | Opening ourselves to the intimacy of the world as a two-way, earth-centric, ecological conversation is visionary leadership. Though much of our programming focuses on personal development, the lens is global. The choices we make, the things we say - or don't say, the ways we pay attention - matter.


Techniques and Practices for Transformational Development

I draw on developmental, archetypal and leadership psychology, studies in cultural transformation, coaching techniques, wilderness rites, and more than a decade in emerging women's leadership.


Deep Imagination

Developing and Refining Innate Human Capacities

Cultivation of Relationships With Realms of Human Potential

Self Designed Ceremony

Nature-Based Practices

Tracking and aligning to the Rhythms of the Sun and the Moon

Embodiment and Meditative Practices

Working with the Tension and Crisis

Practical Embodiment Practices to Live your Gifts into the World


My Methodology Draws From Explorations in:

Human/Women's Developmental Models

Conscious Leadership Theory and Practice

Archetypal and Depth Psychology

Coaching Techniques

Somatic Education and Learning

Experiential/Transformational Learning Theory & Practice

Ecological Competencies 

Complexity & Whole Systems Thinking

Women's Studies

Pan-Cultural Learning Traditions


This is an immersive and comprehensive program for a select few courageous women who are ready and committed to personal and professional growth.

We begin with a minimum of six one-on-one video-sessions over a 6-month period (though for some you will move this part of the process more quickly if your schedule allows). After the first immersion, we can schedule individual calls going forward.


Six Private Coaching Sessions

Six Private Coaching Sessions over Zoom with Laura : During these sessions we systematically move through each of the five realms of personal and professional discovery. 

Personalized Practices for Integration

I will cater nature-based practices and at home reflection to you personally based on where our calls will take us, and your unique intentions at this stage of growth. You will receive these practices in PDF form that you can collate and save for working on your own.

Four Guidebooks

Included are four guidebooks that serve as a window into larger cosmic and earth cycles of creativity including a guidebook on ceremony and conversation, the five elements, the lunar cycle, and the solar cycle. These guidebooks contain additional practices and reflection as well as maps and models of development that are earth-centric, both literal, metaphorical and mythological in nature.


Join me in Council

If you feel the call to learn more, please first download the registration packet and read through all the details of the program.  

I have the great pleasure and honor of working with enthusiastic and visionary leaders as a private guide. I consider what I do to be in collaboration with the mystery that is you and all you are called to become. During our sessions, we track the way you are called forth through your dreams, your fears, your longings, and by the world itself. Please be aware that all sessions will involve you doing your own discovery work at home on your own time. 

I look forward to hearing from you!