Why Earth Wisdom?

Women are naturally, and intuitively synced with the rhythms and growth cycles of the Earth.

These earthly cycles are themselves a fractal pattern of the larger Cosmic cycles of creativity, creation and death. A woman who has awakened to her kinship with the Earth as an animate, autonomous being, is one who has access to and is able to embody the forces of nature Herself.

These forces are both an inner and outer resource for her, and an ongoing communion with The Great Round - the cycles of life and death. In this unique time of change - a time Joanna Macy calls The Great Turning, and Jean Houston calls Jump Time, the feminine way is called back from cultural exile. Tuning into Her rhythms, we return to the the place of our primary membership.

We re-member our instinctual and natural Self as cultural artisans. We lean into the conversation as stewards of our bodies, and our Earth.