EROS - The Dreamer

EROS - The Dreamer


The dreamer perceives the world through the womb. 

She calls home the hidden powers of co-creation, dreaming, the deep imagination and renewal. She is comfortable accessing multiple realms of consciousness by tracking her dreams, deep listening, and tuning in to the womb as a center of perception. 

This Month We Explore The Embodied Imagination, The Physical And Mystical Dimensions Of The Womb, The Mythology And Symbolism Of The Tree Of Life, And The Re-Enchantment Of The World.


In this class you will learn:

  • The anatomy and mystical teachings of the womb
  • The meta-pattern of the eternal return, and the symbol of the tree of life
  • The role of the deep imagination as an initiatory experience
  • Dream-tending
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