Experiential Earth-Wisdom for Women 


Quest is for YOU. You wild ones, you quick-witted ones, you sacred activists, you conscious leaders - you who dare to dream of a world where soul thrives equally in the arts and in the boardroom.

Women are remembering the power of living, learning and leading in rhythm with the earth. We'll explore practical and archetypal applications of the five elements, lunar wisdom, the solar cycle, and the pulse of the zodiac. Be a part of the movement of leaders who think systemically as co-creators in the network of relationships that make up our world. Nourish yourself.

Your journey begins October 31st 2017.

An Intimate Yearlong Journey for Women in Leadership

The Red Thread is an experiential, intimate, and nature-based journey designed for women of all ages and backgrounds that draws on earth wisdom to empower, unveil, and activate your deepest gifts in leadership

Tracking the thread of life responds to a deep human desire in each one of us to know ourselves and our place outside of social conditioning, to celebrate the many voices of the feminine within, and to stand inside our sovereignty so that our gifts may come through FULLY. This yearlong holds a ritual container for connection & transformational development. 

We Begin on the New Moon April 26th 2017