Format & Details - How Does it Work?

Each 3-Month Phase will include:

  • Content Uploads on the New and Full Moon
  • Six or more downloadable pre-recorded teaching call or video
  • Supplementary maps, worksheets and nature-based experiences 
  • Two private Mentorship video calls with Laura and personal suggestions for your journey. During this time we'll also use astrology, imagery, and dream tracking to go deeper.
  • Three or more group Video calls for sharing and support, and to practice our intuitive capacity for deep listening. The time of the lone wolf is no more. We need each other and to be seen by each other!
  • Monthly downloadable meditations and imagery drum journeys
  • Peer dyads for regular connection and support
  • Option to join the in-person gatherings
Please Note, all group calls will be set when the majority of the group is available. The group video calls will be recorded, and if you miss a call, you may be asked to share with the group on your own time. Your participation is paramount to the efficacy of this work!