Guiding Questions for a Wild Way:

I offer these questions to stir the cauldron of your own lived experience. If they speak to you, journal them, walk with them, and let the questions themselves shape your growth.

  • How can my body be a resource for me in living an artistic and soulful life? One that is deeply connected, grounded, empowered, clear and imbued with meaning? How does my body relate and communicate with all living things?
  • How may my unique gifts best serve the human and other-than-human community in these turbulent and changing times? What are my unique gifts?
  • In what ways can I draw strength from sources inside of me that need no outer permission to dance, and to sing, and to support my unfolding?
  • How have I unknowingly taken on a shape that is not mine at all? That was perhaps imposed on me from the outside, in the form of shoulds and shouldnts? How can I excavate and uncover my natural and harmonious self? Why is that important? Not only for me, but for the world?
  • In what ways does the natural world speak to us and teach us to be in rhythm with the organic, creative cycles of all things? How does resting into that knowing give me permission to stand in my place and process?
  • How can I help to create meaningful ritual and self-designed ceremonies that help to mark initiatory rites of passage for myself and my loved ones? Why is this important?
  • How do myth, poetry, imagery, dream, and imagination become primary resources for me on my journey through life? What other tools and maps do I have to work with?
  • How can I work with fear as a catalyst for emergence? And in what ways can my fear become a strength if I turn to face it?
  • What deep longings to I have within me at this point in my life? What fears? How can these two currents usher me into a conversation with my soul? What is my soul? How can I live from that place, and why would I want to?
  • What about feelings of dis-ease, confusion, agitation, and grief? How can I lean into even the dark as a mysterious beckoning, an authentic failure, or a fertile crisis?
  • What is the "emerging feminine"?