To All You Wild Hearts, Welcome Home.

The Rhythm Way offers experiential, intimate, and nature-based journeys for people of all ages and backgrounds that draw on the wisdom of the earth.

This work responds to a deep human desire in each one of us to know ourselves and our place outside of social conditioning, to celebrate the many voices of ourselves within, and to stand inside our sovereignty so that our gifts may come through freely. We hold the fundamental truth that where and how we take our place here, matters.

Through archetypal learning, direct mentorship, wilderness excursions, retreats and online workshops, The Rhythm Way offers opportunities to explore nature’s rhythms as they relate and mirror to us our own inner rhythms. And in doing so we'll explore the active evolution of our own mythic lives - so that we can show up as leaders and guides - as a dream of the earth. Here, Wild Hearts, we lean into the central conversation of our lives so that we can;

Learn, Live & Lead in Rhythm.