New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus - Wednesday, April 26th : 5:16 AM PST


Evidence of the seasons’ coming grandeur lights the tree tips with round, soft puffs of green and pink YES buds; near to brimming but yet gathered close and tight; milking the moments pleasure. The cacti, letting down their defenses, bloom defiantly!

Swooning hummingbirds buzz about drunk and giddy. The last to deny a good flowering. 

Around the corner in a wash luxuriates a red sand snake, tasting her way with her tender tongue, belly to the earth. She defies her his-torians in the great magnum opus that is her very body. Slithering the persecuted sahaja dance of arousal. “Come close. Feel your way. Touch the earth as you would your lover,” she says…

This new moon is an invitation to sink into pleasure, presence and passion. To pause for a moment, and feel, to move belly to the earth, with a soft touch. To evoke the Aphrodite of you who want to teach all of us about whole beauty - about our birthright to turn ourselves on, to live audaciously, to take up space, to offer our gifts as a feast for the earth. 

Taurus, zodiacal bull, is an ancient sign of the feminine; its curved horns like the crescent moon, its mass weighty and full, un-movable like the earth. The meadow it stands in is teeming with life. Nothing, nothing, can stand in the way of one who is anchored into the ecosystem of what matters most. Taurus teaches us about our values - which are expressed in direct proportion to where and how we spend our time and attention. These are the most precious commodities we have.

This new moon, the invitation is to value warm-blooded life enough to be present to it. In this moment the sun is touching your skin, and the air you breathe sings a song of flowering. 

Can you feel it?

Full Moon in Libra

True Beauty

Full Moon in Libra : April 10th 11:08PM PST

Like all full moons, this resplendent Libra moon illuminates the areas in our lives - and particularly our relationships - that have reached a zenith in their fullness. Simultaneously we are invited to notice not just the brilliance, but the shadow the light casts. 

Where in your intimate connections lies an invitation for consciousness? For beauty?

Libra is the sign represented by the scales, which go beyond equality and justice, to represent the beautiful, complex and precise harmony that can be reached when all parts of the whole sing together. 

Once, when I was out in the wilds of Wyoming wandering on the land I came across a moose skull. Out of the eye socket grew a stunning purple Pacific Aster. The juxtaposition of opposites - new life on a bed of death, reminded me of the true nature of beauty and balance. This kind of beauty is a recognition of all things in their true place. In the context of human relationship I am reminded by this Libra full moon, of all parts of me, in their wholeness, relating to all parts of you. And so beauty in relationship is to sing true - one voice in the duet. One duet in the choir.

Efficiency in complexity is beautiful because nothing is wasted.  No voice, no part of ourselves, hidden, covered, or quieted. If we hide our true voices, then they leak out sideways and our closest relationships suffer the loss first.

Can you acknowledge and give voice to the ones of you who know there is a more harmonious way to relate? Powerful, compassionate, true?

With Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury all in retrograde, we have an incredible opportunity to enjoy a sacred pause. To look within, rather than without. To find the harmony there in all the many voices of ourselves, and to notice how Mystery is inviting us to walk the beauty way - to sing our tune, and to give our partners the dignity of their own.

New Moon in Aries

How to Love This World?

New Moon in Aries : Monday, March 27th : 7:57pm PST

Photo of Lara Catone of The Artemis School

Photo of Lara Catone of The Artemis School

With the Spring Equinox the wheel of the zodiac begins a new revolution of creative expression and cyclic unfolding. We too have an opportunity here to draw back the bow of our own personal in-tension and like Artemis, ride on the wave of desire to meet our destinies. It is the tension on the bow that generates the power to sail forth with grace and focus. Aries (ruled by the fiery and passionate planet Mars) reminds us that the path of becoming does require our participation.

This new moon you are invited to stew in the creative tension of your own longing to know yourself.

On the unfolding path of becoming this new moon might ask; who are you now? On what distant horizon is your arrow aimed?

The Aries moon encourages us to remember that the development of personal will is in the context of the web of relationships in which we are part. We are not isolated beings in a cold and sterile world - despite, at times how it may feel. We are inter-dependent, co-creative members of the Earth Community. And in that context, Mary Oliver says it best; “there is only one question, how to love this world?” 

Each one of us are tasked with answering that question - or rather, living into the question. 

May all our greatest explorations in personal will be in service to love - the wild love that shapes the world.

Full Moon in Virgo

Feel Your Way Into Sacred Service

Full Moon in Virgo : Sunday, March 12th | 7:54 AM PST

The moon in Virgo in the 6th house opens a doorway for the parts of us who desire to be of service in tangible and beautiful ways. A keen eye for detail, and sensitive physical intelligence are among the ways this Virgo moon invites us to notice the ebb and flow of our own life force. 

Do we move and make choices to be of service that are life-enhancing? 

Or is the sensitivity of your skin telling you there is a leak in the vessel somewhere that needs tending to?

Because the Virgo moon opens up our tender inner world it may be that you find yourself attempting to repress, control or overly manage your emotions - or your outer circumstances. This kind of rote management is one way this delicate sign copes with the intensity of their desire to steward what is holy. Busyness, control, and criticism of self or other are all fantastic hiding places for the vulnerable parts of us too beautiful to face. Those parts know that truly offering in service will change both ourselves and the world. As David Whyte says; “I want to know if you are prepared to live in the world with its harsh need to change you.” 

It might be a wonderful moon to gather up into your loving awareness any fragmented control mechanisms that you find you default to when things matter most.

Then thank your protective parts while choosing to lean in to another way. One such mechanism that I find very common among both men and women in contemporary western culture is our distortion of perfection. It might be helpful to remember that Virgo is a sign of the maiden, who is autonomous and free, answering only to nature as her guide. This part of us is in service of true beauty, which is not always lovely or perfect in the way our culture defines it.

Blessings to you and your desire to be of service. May it shape you so!



It doesn’t interest me if there is one God or many gods.

I want to know if you belong or feel abandoned.

If you know despair or can see it in others.

I want to know if you are prepared to live in the world with its harsh need to change you. If you can look back with firm eyes saying this is where I stand.

I want to know if you know how to melt into that fierce heat of living falling toward the center of your longing.

I want to know if you are willing to live, day by day, with the consequence of love and the bitter unwanted passion of your sure defeat.

I have been told, in that fierce embrace, even the gods speak of God.
— David Whyte



New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Re-Enchanting the World

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces | February 26th : 6:58 AM PST

In earth-based cultures, including those of all of our ancestors, the world was alive and en-souled. All things were honored as a diverse expression of God/Goddess/Great Mystery. All things had a role to play, and a gift to offer. This state consciousness permeated and enlivened the world; a world where all beings were available for relationship, and human kind were equal, participatory members in the Earth Community.

Our loss of connection with the greater web of life is directly related to the demotion of the deep imagination over time. Our imagination is a way of knowing that enables us to make contact with the dreaming of the earth - the deep intelligence of life, the depth of the world. 

The nature of the deep imagination is mysterious, and the result of being in contact with that mysterious force is our own becoming. 

This may be one good reason why it has become so difficult for most westerners to trust the flow of their deep imagery. It is too close to make-believe in a Cartesian world that objectifies and reduces all Mystery to the closest we can get to proof.

Our deep imagery is, by definition, not safe for the part of us that remains cut off from the network of relationships (seen and unseen) that have shaped us as a species. Its exile from our institutions and schools upholds the epidemic of conformity that confronts us now. Layers of resistance, concretized over years of socialization, stand in the way of trusting this source for the power it holds to enact change in our lives and in our world. 

As Diane Di Prima says; “the only war that matters in the war against the imagination.”

This new moon solar eclipse in Pisces is a beautiful threshold moment for each one one of us to call home the power of the imagination, and enter into the dreaming of all things. To see each being as ensouled and alive - to re-enchant our worlds, and re-sacralize our purpose, our professions, our relationships. 

Make no mistake, the exile of the imagination is a social justice issue. As Einstein has so famously said;

We can’t solve problems

by using the same kind of thinking we used

when we created them.

Pisces, the sign of the dreamer, the mystic, the ebbing and flowing oneness of life meets the sun in a solar eclipse, activating and enhancing our ability to dream at one with earth and sky. We have an opportunity to express our longing and love for immanent creativity, diversity, and wonder as it expresses itself in our world. And, through our imaginations, we can participate in the shaping of things, including our own development. 

Our task? To “pre-tend”. To stretch the boundaries of what we believe and perceive. To listen before we act, and pay attention to the magic that permeates our lives…to dream a new dream, one where the world, once again has a soul of its own.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Illuminate the World.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo : Friday, February 10th : 4:33 PM PST

On February 10th the sun, moon and earth align in such a way that the moon passes through the outer edge of the earth’s shadow veiling its light. Eclipses are always cyclic invitations for our own shadow to rise to the light of our awareness. In the sign of Leo this moon in particular is inviting us to look again at our own capacity for radical self-love, expression, creativity and sovereignty. 

Loving yourself is not an egoic act. It is a requirement on the journey to soul to grow roots into the bedrock of our being, to be able to stand and weather the storms of becoming.

Without healthy Leo, without our ability to truly love the mysterious presence of Self, we remain hungry for the approval of others, masking our deep longing to “be earth now” in the pursuit of external validation. (Rilke)

Unfortunately contemporary western society offers us little opportunity to cultivate this kind of self-love and respect for the creativity of life. Rather, we have been fed images of an unrealistic ideal in order to keep us dependent on the consumer machine…ready to seek outside ourselves at every turn for the quick-fix, the magic pill, the perfect pair of heels, and the training program that *may*, finally, complete us. Of course, it never does…

The shadow of Leo in our culture is perfectly modeled by President Trump. Reactive, narcissistic, and pathologically insecure. If it was the shadow of the United States that brought this current political situation to bear, the Leo full moon is asking each one of us; “can you be a leading player? What would it look like to be a creator in the times we live in? What may or may not change about the way you stand here now, if you had nothing to prove? Where, or in pursuit of what, have you been hiding?"

Shadow, by definition, is not the parts of ourselves we see and try to hide, but rather the aspects of Self that remain hidden to us. When energy emerges from the shadow and we see parts that may scare us, or change us, the tendency is to turn away. Leo, the Lion-Hearted, turns toward the gifts that have been hidden there - for good reason, and seeks to integrate all parts of the self with compassionate attention. Freed energy fuels creativity. Brave hearts, what are holding you back?

My suggestion this full moon? Get bundled up, head out into a wild place. Sit and listen and watch. See how all of creation is exactly who they were born to be. Let Gaia show you how diversity and uniqueness contribute never-before-seen gifts to the whole.

This is the deepest teaching of Leo. Our shining from wholeness illuminates the world.

New Moon in Aquarius

Be the Change

New Moon in Aquarius : Friday, January 27th : 4:08pm PST

Just seven days after the presidential inauguration here in the United States, the moon and the sun come together in the sign of Aquarius - the social visionary, the holy rebel, and the revolutionary.  An air sign ruled by unruly Uranus, this new moon opens the gates of the higher mind, and reveals the gifts of new perspective. Quick, changeable, and wildly innovative, we are all called to shift consciousness, to tap into the current of the front-runner, and to lead our people, in our own way, into the future.

This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere marks the dead of Winter, the fields and the land barren, with energy pulled inwards. And yet the promise and anticipation of Spring is just around the corner - the days grow longer, and the call to act on our intentions becomes more and more urgent. The growing restlessness that will usher us into action characterizes Solar Imbolc - a pan-European cross-quarter day meaning “in the belly” in Gaelic. We become filled with creative tension, our skin taught, our hearts yearning, our dreams singing us over a risky new threshold.

The blooming fire of spring is calling…

I once heard that true wisdom is knowing when to act. Indeed the terrain of the social artist calls us always into right timing, in the deepest alignment with the rhythms of Gaia, and with our own urge to create and change and grow. To be a leader on the Earth right now asks us to tend to the vision, to let it fill us, until we burst, to wait for the right moment, the right words, and the right opening for all of us to fulfill our destinies. This tension is what ripens us as emerging leaders. 

Do you hear the call? 

You, the transformational healer, the social artist, the cultural leader? 

You who is willing to take risks, to be visionary, to lead through modeling your own depth, authenticity and integrity? 

You who is turning once again to the eternal wisdom of the Earth, to the expansion of possibility - toward all that we’ve become estranged from as a people?

The visionary push of this new moon demands that your be in cahoots with mystery - our strategic minds alone cannot solve the complex challenges we face. Nothing short of a total transformation of consciousness - a weaving of the oldest form of magic- will enable us to meet the world in a truly visionary way. 

Stand up sisters. 

Stand up brothers. 

Our time is now.

Full Moon in Cancer

Be Touched by the World

Full Moon in Cancer : Thursday, January 12th : 3:35am PST


The moon finds herself in the sign of Cancer as she peaks full on Thursday. This placement makes available the deeper-than-surface needs we all have to belong to something greater than ourselves. The sign of Cancer embodies the one of us who seeks out and tends to our metaphorical home, driven by a deep vulnerability that is its central gift, and its primary challenge. Vulnerability is an asset when it keeps us open and receptive to the world, for being able to feel fully is what inspires us to take compassionate action. And yet when vulnerability overwhelms our system, it can give rise to feelings of victimhood, helplessness, codependency and blame.

With the sun opposite the moon in Capricorn, the one of us who creates healthy boundaries, builds structures, and anchors us into personal responsibility moves into sacred partnership with the one of us who remains open and touched by the world. These two opposites need each other, to both hold, and to open each other. The longing for Cancer to know its place of belonging, drives the Capricorn into constructive and generative action.

Both these zodiac signs - Cancer and Capricorn are yin signs, rooted in the deep mysteries of the archetypal feminine. They represent a spectrum of continuity that begins deep within ourselves and rises to meet the world in tangible ways. We all of our ways of knowing.

It’s only through uncovering the mysteries that lie within yourself on every level – emotionally, spiritually, physically - that you can become aware of your true place, and how to lean into the way you are called to participate while you’re here. 

This is why I’m so excited to invite you to join my friend and colleague Anahita Joon’s upcoming online series, The New Women’s Movement. She has gathered the leading experts in feminine empowerment to give you the tools you need to reach a new understanding of who you are and how you can change your life, the life of those you love and yes, even the world! 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Healing the Feminine Wound of Separation and coming into TRUE UNITY
  • Awakening the feminine power within you
  • Giving voice to your passions, and pursuing them
  • Aligning your values with your actions to become ALIGNED in your leadership
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine sides (This is a HUGE tool for massive success!)
  • Knowing your value and setting boundaries (This POWERFUL practice aligns you with the highest energy of the universe and super charges your ability to manifest your desires and goals.)

This lunar cycle encourages all us to get intimate with the parts of us that feel helpless, that would rather hunker down and wait for the tumult of our time to pass. As the sign of the archetypal feminine, the moon in Cancer wants to remind us that to feel deeply is a gift and a capability, rather than a liability. It’s time to learn to trust again the inner realms to build the world we long to see through our direct opening, and participation. Our time is now.

New Moon in Capricorn

From the Heart of Darkness Into the Light

Wednesday, December 28 : 10:53PM PST

Yuletide warmth and cheer to you all. This new moon takes place in the sign of Capricorn where the Builder of us meets to the one who anchors us into the earth - the core of of our own integrity, authenticity and purpose. The sea-goat is the Capricorn glyph - part mountain goat who methodically and meticulously climbs the mountain of achievement - and part whale whose tail swirls into the watery depths of soul as if to remind us that quality of what we create is determined by our ability to listen to the still, small voice within.

In historic pan-european cultures Halloween, or Samhain in Gaelic was the final harvest festival. The day after was historically celebrated as the New Year. The Winter Solstice which occurred when the sun entered the sign of Capricorn, took place this year of December 21st in the northern hemisphere. This too could be engaged with as a kind of New Year, whose ancient symbolism including the birth of the light in the heart of darkness, bringing hope and life for the year to come.

Similar archetypal energies exist for this New Moon in Capricorn. New moons are times to seed the intentions for the cycle to come. In the sign of Capricorn there is extra emphasis placed on both the depth of our integrity, and the structures - visible or invisible - that we create. I often remember that everything we see once lived out unseen…whether that be in our imaginations or our strategic minds or in the dreaming of Gaia. This is a time of great magic, and great magic asks us to be in right timing.

This new moon, tend to your intentions for the lunar and solar cycle to come.

May the rhythms of Gaia carry the gifts that are yours to offer forward in a generative way. May the waxing light of the sun and the moon remind you that quite possibly our one great task is to open ourselves - to let the world in, and to participate as creators and artists in its elegant unfolding.

Full Moon in Gemini

The Art of Participation

Tuesday, December 13th : 4:05pm PST

We are who we are by nature of our relationships. The people, the land, and the animal familiars we surround ourselves with shape the way we move through the world - always inspiring us to shift, grow, accommodate, and otherwise change based on our exchange. 

I have often mused that true intimacy will always ask everything of us. 

Is relationship then nothing short of a developmental - even evolutionary dynamic? If so, can this concept of relationship widen to include the relationship we have to the other-than-human world in addition to the social and familial groups that contribute so much to our sense of identity?

I believe so. I believe part of maturing involves cultivating intimacy with the widest network of relationships possible. This understanding of ourselves as one contributing member in a much larger network of relationships is one of the most ancient cosmological perspectives the human species has had. Anne Baring says in ancient pre-patriarchal cultures the feminine principle was understood as;

… “the great matrix of relationships through which all aspects and forms of life were connected to each other. …Life at that time was lived IN the dimension of the Mother, in participation and accord with the cosmic rhythms of her being, and this kept people in touch with their instincts and was the foundation of their fragile trust in life. “

And yet in contemporary western culture we have lost the awareness and even the felt sense that we live in one vast web of connection and intelligence - an intelligence we can, and do participate in.

The full moon in Gemini is the moon that invites us into a wider network of relationships. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet named after the messenger of the Gods - the one who is able to traverse betwixt and between dimensions of consciousness. It is our imagination that allows us to exchange consciousness even with what is unseen. In fact it is my experience that we are often asked to get intimate with all aspects of our lives - including our questions, our crises, our longings and our fears. 

It is through the imagination that we can connect in a participatory way with the other-than-human world in which we have evolved…a world we too often refer to as somehow separate from us…as “nature” or even “the wilds.” These kinds of distinctions are not un-useful insofar as they ask us to step outside of our human-centric conditioning, but also point directly to what I feel is one of the central tasks of the modern person;

To re-member ourselves as a participatory member of the Earth Community, in relationship and interconnected to all things in irrevocable ways.

Gemini is the sign that speaks to the way we perceive, process and share information with others. Perhaps this full moon is asking us to open our perception to include the great matrix of relationships we find ourselves within? Perhaps the crux of our longing to know our true selves, our particular and unique gifts, and the way we are called to participate in this world while we’re here comes down to the quality of our exchange with others.

This full moon I invite you to venture off the shore of normal into a world in which your intimate participation matters. Perhaps this is a time to surrender to a deeper network of support, or to ceremonially part from a relationship that keeps us small, or a perspective of the world that creates more separation and dis-ease.  I leave you with some of my favorite words from Rilke that inspires me to remember myself as a part of a much larger dreaming…

Earth, isn't this what you want? To arise in us, invisible?

Is it not your dream, to enter us so wholly

there's nothing left outside us to see?

What, if not transformation,

is your deepest purpose?

New Moon in Sagittarius

On the Trail of What Matters Most

New Moon in Sagittarius : Tuesday, November 29th : 4:18AM PST

Part of what makes the human animal distinctly human is our search for meaning - so far as we know. Our inborn, instinctual and wild urge to go down to the bones of what matters most. 

Sagittarius is the seasonal sign that resonates with the withdrawal and continued release of nature in the northern hemisphere. Paradoxically, the more we allow ourselves to let go into the silence and dark spaces of the unknown, the more we naturally come to find, and anchor into what matters to us in a deep, deep way - what we stand for and how we love the world. In this way, the darker the moon, and the season, the more luminous the inner journey - the more expansive our lives become.

James Hollis puts in beautifully; “beyond the terror, the silence of these infinite spaces, lies the richness of one’s individual journey.”

This mysterious movement toward meaning in our lives is a natural, primal need - to understand ourselves in relationship with the biggest network of life possible is to turn toward the infinity of the cosmos and wonder how we can each make the most of our time while we’re here. 

And yet to do so would be to open ourselves up to questioning many things in our lives that may be working just fine. It may mean extracting ourselves from our dysfunctional social arrangements, perhaps temporarily, or perhaps permanently, to see the whole in a different light.  It may mean unveiling a shadow that has kept us operating from a place of smallness, and fear. It may be facing an addiction that helps us to numb out the pain of the world…

This urge toward expansion and freedom is a developmental need. It is a foundational pattern in the cosmos that we too embody. Our universe is expanding as we speak - questing into unknown territory at an astounding speed. 

“What urgency calls you to your one love?” asks David Whyte.

What longing-pain evokes from you a fuller participation?

Today the new moon in Sagittarius invites us into our own quest for meaning. On the heels of the election here in the United States, with the tumultuous and heartbreaking, noble stand of the people at Standing Rock - in a world where Syrian refugees continue to be shut out and ignored, and on land whose intelligence and right-to-life is forgotten, we need to turn toward the longings that pull us toward fullness, wholeness, and ensouled leadership. 

Let this new moon be a dark and silent space where, perhaps for the first time, you hear the soft, quiet, but urgent call of the soul that evokes from you, your part to play in the whole. 

This holiday season I ask; what matters most? What is worth living for?

Taurus-Scorpio Full SuperMoon

Death and Beauty

Full SuperMoon in Taurus-Scorpio : 5:52 AM

On November 14th at 5:52 AM the moon in the sign of Taurus will be the closest it has been to Earth in 86 years. Rising at sunset tonight, the moon will appear 30% brighter and 14% bigger in the sky than usual. This full, radiant, and powerful moon comes just after a very tumultuous and controversial election here in the United States as if to remind us that our lives, fears, desires and needs are held in a network of relationships that include the wild Others - our moon, our ocean, our planet. 

Now, more than ever, are we as planetary citizens called to remember our place in the ecological whole. Now, more than ever, are we called to envision a world, a system of governance, and a new working myth that includes the totality of life here on Earth. 

The force of this full supermoon is pulling strong on the tides, the tectonic plates, our physiological systems and on our energetic field. The question - whether we are speaking of the aftermath of the election (as one example of many such thresholds taking place all over the world), or in light of this extra powerful moon may be; 

How will we choose to meet the moment? 

What kind of experience is mystery asking us to lean in to? 

How will we be shaped in saying YES to showing up? 

Full Moons are always time to see things in a different - perhaps brighter light. The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, values and sensuality. Taurus is an earth sign, and as I sit here I am reminded of a commonly overlooked capability that I invite you all to be with as the moon draws nearer the earth - the particular way beauty - the creation and appreciation of beauty - can meet the complexities, fears, and unknowns of our lives. Beauty, as I understand it, is a capability that inspires efficiency, reflection, presence, and an artistic response. 

As Michael Meade said on the tail of the election; “It is the job of the poets and the artists to address all the issues of the world,” and I am inclined to agree.

Unfortunately it has also been the role of the media to overlay images and associations on beauty that keep it too narrow for us to see its shaping power. Opposite the moon lies the sun in Scorpio - the sign most interested in the hidden power of things, their taboo, and their secret ways that inspire depth and irrevocable transformation. Taurus-Scorpio reminds us too that every death brings in new life, and crisis is a fertile moment of possibility.

What if our only task right now was to pull the rug back on true beauty? To make art? To dance our grief and our prayers? To arrange the flowers on our desks just so? …to bravely take in the stunning majesty of our planet, and the humanity of all the people on it, regardless of side? 

I wonder if this full moon is asking us to let our hearts break, to enter the cracks, and to see the beauty there - to let what is dying to be born come through. And then, when we become as full as the moon herself, we just may have a better idea of where our No’s and our Yes’s are - we may know what we value, and what we desire, and how we might lean in right now… and we may, if we are lucky, hear the voice of the Muse that rises up from under to say; 

Take heart, dear ones…let beauty be the guide that illumines your next step, and the next. Let beauty show you the way.

Scorpio New Moon

Lunar Samhain

Scorpio New Moon & Lunar Samhain : Sunday October 30th : 10:38AM

This Sunday the moon enters the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of the shaman, the psychopomp, the witch, the magician, and the sorceress who stands at the crossroads of life and death, the seen and the unseen. Scorpios depth perception enables all of us to slip between the veils of the mundane into the sweet darkness of possibility. What is hidden exerts power unscrupulously, sometimes dangerously. Without our conscious awareness of that which guides us, we are entrapped in the prison of ignorance. Scorpio is just the sign that can widen the aperture of our perception enough to catch a glimpse of what has been long under lock and key, needed here now. It is this underworld wanderer that can guide each of us into the hidden domain of shadow, taboo, exile, and secrets. What we may find in shadow may appear at first to be ghoulish, or putrid…long having rotted away in the recesses of consciousness, but do not be afraid. There is a gift that inevitably is revealed when we turn to face the dark that has long held sway over the shape of our lives. 

What lives in the shadow is not what we know about ourselves, and do not like, but rather, what we DON’T know about ourselves and the world. Hidden there we’ll find breadcrumbs to soul. Powers and longings that were perhaps not safe to wield early on in our lives, and so were hidden from view. Also in the depths we may discover other, more surprising gifts - like those gifts that come from befriending death, change, and decay. 

Death is considered to be the root of all our fears. Every fear, a fear of death. And yet, for those fortunate unlucky ones who had a close brush with death, we soon realize there is nothing like it to inspire living. This new moon is also Lunar Samhain, a Celtic cross quarter day that marked the final harvest, and the Celtic New Year. What the ancient Celtic people understood was that life begins in death, not in birth. It is the distillation of meaning and integration of experience that seeds life's trajectory.

It is the loss of this essential relationship between life and death that robs our modern world of the fertile darkness and the gifts that live there.

The final harvest is the time to honor deaths gift - the gift of endings, the seasonal exhale, the quiet, inward-turning, meaning making time. Leaves, as they expel their last life-energy in their splendor and display of color, celebrate death in beauty. They, among others, have much to teach us about our fear, and about how to die gracefully.

In this dark new moon time, be with all the benefits of destabilization; all the mysterious, yet alluring whispers from under, that may have something to say about What Matters Most. I wish upon you the merciful surrender of endings, and a moment to sow the seeds of true change. I wish you enchantment and romance with the leaves, the plants, the hibernating animals, and the first rogue snowflakes, that remind you, in all of your magnificence, who you really are.

Aries Full Supermoon

Right ACTION and Creative Insight

Saturday, October 15th : 9:23pm PDT

This full moon is electric, fiery, and will wait for no one. You may feel abuzz about nothing and everything in particular. In the sign of Aries, conjunct the lightning bolt that is Uranus, the initiatory power of raw energy and insight intend to spur you into action. The only trouble is, which action? Moving too soon on impulse or out of impatience could be detrimental to your day - or even your month or year. Strong feelings of impatience, impulsiveness, and a heavy dose of unpredictability may enter your field and mess up your careful, methodical plan. Or perhaps some seemingly outside influence comes by to give you a kick in the pants - one you didn’t think you wanted or needed, and in a flash, your world has changed. 

Certainly, this full moon is not one to take lying down.

What healthy Aries does for us stir up enough tension in our field to catalyze right action.

There is no question that we all need to be channeling and using the gifts we were endowed with NOW. Such wild times call for the warrior in each of us. And nothing brings us into action faster than feeling the fulness of our emotions. Emotions that run big - always, and that shift shape and form like weather patterns throughout our days, spurring us to make conscious choices that matter to us. 

Paradoxically, sometimes the best kind of action, is inaction. Negative capability is the capacity to actively choose to wait and do nothing in the face of complexity. Sometimes, the best thing we can do, is say we don’t know what to do. In these cases, we can always tune in, feel deeply, make small choices that count, get informed, and gather our resources. Action is all about right timing.

Be so aware this full moon of the urge to act impulsively out of anger, fear or irritation. Be extra present throughout your day, in your car, and on the street. Let your untamable emotions have you in a safe space. This electric planetary mixer will do what it can to get your attention. Recklessness is what happens when we act without purpose.

My best advice? Take a bath. Take deep breaths. Dance, run, or play fully. Feel deeply. Make a conscious choice to lay down your anxiety for the future. Notice the little things, and gather in all of that raw energy and insight, biding your time for just the right moment to express it into the world.

You’ll know it when it comes.

New Moon In Libra

Romance The World

September 30th : 5:11pm PDT

We are who we are by nature of our relationships. True relationship asks everything of us; intimacy, vulnerability, radical honesty, authenticity - and through its alchemical crucible both parties are changed forever. 

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We are communal, tribal beings, and yet our idea of tribe and particularly of relationship remains very small; sequestered to a handful of human relationships and connections where these great shaping forces find their way through the crack in our amour of individuality, and enter into the inner sanctum of our hearts, despite our fear of change.

This new moon in the sign of Libra is a perfect opportunity to ritualize your intention to explore healthy relationship. And by relationship I mean intimacy - intimacy with your thoughts, actions, dreams…intimacy with your home, your planet, and your desires and fears. 

In archetypal thinking there is one of us who can be a guide into our own souls - the place of Mystery and possibility we hold within, and entering there we are changed irrevocably. The foundation to a vibrant relationship with an Other begins with our Inner Beloved - our very own guide to soul, our ideal mate. Following that guide may lead you on a journey that will ask everything of you, and may give you the world in return. Only this journey, where you come to know your own source of sovereignty, wholeness, and passion, will grant you that which you may be seeking (and never quite finding) in another.

The smallness by which the world views romance, love and otherness keeps many of us searching outside of ourselves for completeness and ecstasy - again and again and again.

It keeps us externalizing our love for our own possibility that courses through us, within us. And ultimately, by upholding the storied ideals of perfect outer union, we avoid the alchemy of the soul - waiting instead to be saved, recused, and completed by another - one who will never quite live up. 

So, this new moon, begin a cycle by saying yes to romance. Romance the world, get close to the desires that stir you into vulnerability, to the desire you have in knowing your own mystery and possibility. Romancing the world always opens us to the new, to change. We feel more deeply, feel more alive, and are at greater risk of unsettling our worldviews and our routines. There is nothing like intimacy to be dangerous to our egos in the right kind of way. 

Romance is change and change is romance. 

Coming to know our inner beloved requires following our allurements, our fears, and our desires into a place of intimacy with all we don't know about ourselves. This New Moon in Libra, let yourself fall in love again with the world, as lover. Take your Inner Beloved out on a date. Write yourself a love letter. Reflect on your idea mate, and get curious;

what of these qualities are aspects of myself that I long to come to know?

Want to know more about the Inner Beloved? Download September's edition of EROS where Lara Catone and I address a wound story that has become an epidemic in contemporary western culture : the fairy tale myth of being completed/rescued by the ideal mate. The ideal partner is one who is perfect in all ways, who knows magically, in every moment, how to satisfy your deepest longing. This externalization of our soul's desire to know itself is exacerbated by media messages and imagery, unimaginative relationship coaching, and a common fear of the call for intimacy from the darkest reaches of our inner world.

Coming to know our Inner Beloved is about saying YES to living a full, turned-on life. We are invited to follow our allurements, our fears, and our desires into a place of intimacy with all we don't know about ourselves. Here we are guided into the profound depths of our own souls, and into an experience of wholeness and completeness that IS the foundation for a healthy, satisfying, and ecstatic relationship with a truly wild Other.

Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

Friday, September 16th : 12:05pm PDT

Full moons take place when the sun is opposite the moon. In astrological language, these moments are called oppositions. Oppositions indicate the greatest amount of tension possible in between two celestial forces - or in archetypal thinking, in between two aspects of ourselves. 

Many of you may notice this tension as it manifests in your body, your sleep patterns, or your sexual drive on the full moon. On a psychological level - and on the level of the soul - these tensions are crucibles that ask us to stand in the center of two opposing forces and be changed because of it. Offering ourselves to this tension requires surrender, trust, and a willingness to be vulnerable, and in doing so, they also give rise to a sense of fullness, radical growth, and profound power.

This full moon lands in Pisces - the sign of the dreamer, the mystic, the seeker, and the empath opposite the sun in Virgo.

The moon sheds the light of our conscious awareness on the one of us who is comfortable in the deep waters of union where the self disappears. You may notice you are more sensitive than usual, less able to determine the source of your own fluid emotions. You may also be called into seeing shadow aspects of Pisces - like a tendency to avoid confrontation or intensity, an inability to set boundaries, or a penchant for daydreaming instead of taking action. Opposite the sun in Virgo, the tension is to bring through the mists of Pisces the insights from the world of the mystic and offer them up in service. Virgo asks us to continue stewarding our life force energy carefully, and tending to the hearth fire of What Matters Most in daily, tangible ways. You may feel torn between checking out, and checking in - between dreaming, and taking concrete action.

This moon is also closely conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, indicating a potential opportunity for healing our relationship with the inner feminine. Perhaps there are traumas passed down through your matrilineal line that are surfacing now for you to see, feel, and ultimately alchemize, or maybe you find yourself overexerting your masculine in one life arena or another at the expense of your feminine. With Chiron close to the moon, you have the perfect opportunity to heal the wound and dream forward a truly harmonious dynamic between the solar and lunar forces within and around you. As the moon wanes, let yourself sacrifice - or make sacred - whatever is ready to be released.

This is all a part of the evolutionary crucible that your own wild growth engenders.  Lean in, allow insights to arise with great compassion. Let yourself be shaped. And as always, enjoy the deep dive!

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New Moon in Virgo : Solar Eclipse

New Moon in virgo solar eclipse

New Moon in Virgo : Thursday, September 1st : 2:03am PDT

Early in the pre-dawn hours, this new moon solar eclipse is an invitation to get closer to What Matters Most. Virgo is the sign of the priestess - the one who brings spirit into matter in order to celebrate it. An Earth sign, Virgo wants to touch, to feel, to dance, and to steward the manifest while simultaneously seeing deeper into the world than is common in the village. She stacks all of her choices - how she chooses to move her body, whom she is in relationship to, how she moves through her day, by turning toward her greatest ally - the current of life force energy that animates and ensouls all things. She does not take things at face value, but rather sees the divine everywhere, and knows how to evoke it. In this way she is truly one who is whole unto herself. She knows that what she chooses to pull through from the formless depths, is what is created here in tangible ways. She knows what she tends will bloom.

New Moons are the beginning of a cycle, and what is planted here can catch and grow in the waxing light to come. Solar eclipses block the force of the solar radiation enough to reset our consciousness here on earth. We have space to intend anew, and what we intend, we receive. This is practical magic. And the Priestess/Virgin of us knows this well. To be whole unto oneself and to steward life force energy we become active participants in the world we want to see. We step out of the victim aggressor paradigm rooted in power over structures and be co-participants with life herself. 

This new moon solar eclipse, Virgo reminds us that not one of us is broken. We are all whole. We are all complete. We all have the power to lean into the conversation and change things for the better. The work then, is to remember...

So mote it be!

Full Moon in Aquarius - Calling All Change Agents

Full Moon in Aquarius : August 18th : 2:26am PDT

The call of aquarius is to envision the impossible, which often involves consciously transgressing upon the agreements that make up consensus reality in order to make way for something new. 

We all have a way of looking at the world that is unique, born of our own experiences and proclivities. All to often, we ‘tone down’ what is different about how we see/feel/dream in order to fit in. This full moon take a small risk to offer up, without need for external validation (that’s the tricky part), your uniquenesses. Let your freak flag fly! Stand in the shoes of the visionary in you, willing to risk not being understood in order to free the dream of tomorrow. And then, if it feels right, commit to hearing the view of another - really hearing it. Give that person, or that tree or rock or bird, the gift of their own autonomy, of their own rich experience. No one has to be right. Each view is a gift to the cultural tapestry.

The full moon is a moment in any creative cycle to make visible that which has been hidden, cooking away on the inside. When we share perspectives, and make space for others perspectives to truly reach us where it matters, we share worlds. This is a capacity that we are all called to develop at an alarming rate - our future as a species depends on it. The more can offer our own perspective (and know that it is worthy and sound), while simultaneously deeply listening to and receiving (being shaped by) the vision of another, the more we lean into a future that acknowledges the gifts of diversity.  

Calling all change agents, let’s do this.

Leo New Moon


Leo New Moon : Tuesday August 2nd : 1:44pm PDT

Leo is the sign the of the courageous heart, yet this fire sign is one that has been twisted and colonized by the western contemporary mind who knows only the most superficial expression of courageous self-love. A kind that comes off as narcissistic, hungry for the center of attention, always on display, and self-absorbed. In our “selfie-society” this misinterpretation is no surprise. 

In actuality, these ways of knowing Leo - both the Leo in ourselves and the Leos we know and love in our lives - holds the true power of this sign hostage to an unhealthy, yet overly common distortion. Narcissism is what happens when one has lost their ability to know their own intrinsic worth. It’s what happens when insecurity looks outside the self for affirmation, approval, and validation. Those most self-absorbed are often those who suffer the most from a tremendous inner wound that is desperate to find safety in the regard of others.

Healthy Leo is just the opposite. It is radical self-love. A kind of love that comes from wholeness, that knows its worth, that celebrates the gifts each person brings to the cultural tapestry. When the heart is truly courageous it can be with the fluctuations of our lives whether they are moments we love, or moments/aspects we would prefer to hide, solve and resolve. The truly courageous heart offers itself to be shaped by its capacity to love without judgement, and in doing so, it mirrors to all others what sovereignty looks like; one who is not swayed by fame or greed. One who does not need to put oneself over another to be radiant. Rather than keeping others small, healthy Leo lifts everyone up by its natural ability to inspire, and in this way, Leo spills forth unbounded creativity. The cure for our collective wound is in the poison.

This new moon, seed a vision for yourself as a whole, radiant being. One who is worthy. One who belongs. One who comes into this world with a natural, inborn gift. You might engage in a commitment of self-care, knowing that this gift will only come through if you allow yourself the dignity of your own expression, your own desires and dreams, your own way of creating the world you’d like to see. Similarly, look out for the ways you seek external approval and validation. Can you love those moments too? Can you allow yourself to be shaped by them?

Capricorn Full Moon

Photo by Aneta Ivanova on Behance

Photo by Aneta Ivanova on Behance

Blessings to each of you. The sun, still in Cancer, continues to shine the light on the intelligence and needs of our untamable emotions and our nurturing, wild hearts. For many of us who are already sensitive to how deeply we feel the world, the big water signature of the past couple of weeks has been intense - perhaps at times too much. In just over twenty-four hours the moon will be full opposite the sun in the sign of Capricorn, one of the oldest signs of the zodiac. 

Although often interpreted through a patriarchal lens in more recent times, the Sea-Goat is a yin sign, associated with the Earth element, and represented by symbols that have long been scared to the Goddess - the crescent moon, the goat, the distant holy mountain, and the ocean deep. The moon in Capricorn, opposite the sun in Cancer calls us to strengthen the vessel that can hold such powerful emotion, such profound full-bodied feeling. This is the gift of Capricorn - to be the root, the foundation, the well, and the cave - both sheltering and protecting Mystery’s work in our lives.  

Capricorn calls us to leave the village - both metaphorically, and sometimes literally, to get underneath all the impositions of contemporary western culture so that we can refine our own vessel for the work we’re called here to do, for the gift that is ours to hold. In that way, Capricorn is a call to our own maturity and responsibility to be the change we wish to see - to be inspired to move and to act from the depth of our emotions - not to wallow in them and fall prey to the pains of the world, but to strengthen the vessel, to be the shelter, to build the sanctuaries within and without. This full moon, we have extra help from Uranus (moon/sun square uranus) to step outside the box of what we think is possible and see/act/move/think with fresh eyes a touch of wilderness.

This Full Moon, you may want to review the ways in which your full-bodied feeling roots you into your core values. What is your part of the Great Work? How can you take responsibility for the world you wish to see?

The way you are touched by the world matters.  Each choice - no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a step in a direction toward change, for better or for worse. 

With the Lady,


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