Aquarius SuperMoon calls us into HEART POWER

Full Moon : August 10th; 11:09am PST

As I write this I am sitting in La Jolla watching the waves crash against the shore, devouring and re-shaping what's left of the beach. Just two weeks ago this same shoreline hosted hundreds of people nestled comfortably on gentle dunes of white sand. Now the waves break right at the shore, towering over the coastline and eating away at the sand, leaving steep edges and only small patches dry for the wary wanderer. This is supermoon energy. Loud and big and changeable, ready or not.

Full moons are always oppositions. As the moon opposes the sun, the two heavenly bodies sit directly across from each other in the sky. The tension that's created in this contrary dance makes full moon times a perfect catalyst for change. Shedding light on what has been hidden, allowing us to really FEEL what has been taking up too much space in our lives, or perhaps what has fallen behind.

As demonstrated by Mother Ocean, this August full moon in Aquarius is BIG ENERGY as the moon passes the earth at perigee (closest to the earth) and receives the FULL light of the sun dancing in heart-centered Leo. Now just two days out from full, we're entering a 4 day period of time where the effects of the supermoon begin to nudge the inner aspects of our soul and psyche in an ancient alchemical dance. 

Aquarius, ruled by Saturn and Pluto represents and plays upon our capacity to enact cultural, social and personal change. Big change - full moon change - always requires innovation and wild creativity - and especially now in our time in history - it takes a TRIBE. Our Aquarian selves are all about busting out of old, stuck patterns via unapologetic collaboration, community, and connection. To do this work we are encouraged to truly receive, like the moon receives the light of the sun, the powers of our own wild hearts. We need to bask in our Leo energy - our individual powers, gifts, talents, voices...all that makes us US. Only then can we do the great work we're here to do in a balanced way. In other words, this SuperMoon is about unifying our individual powers with those of our people.

To be in service in the world requires this meeting of the greats. The "truth in the center of the image you where born with"* and the offering of self for all beings. As the moon waxes full, spend a few moments out in nature. Let her majesty reflect back to you all that you are and all the love you have in your heart. Feel yourself near to overflowing in this radiance - both the "good" and the "bad" bits of you - and when you feel ready, turn to the world in the ways you do, offer yourself up to your community, and watch your own frontier, your own inner shoreline, the meeting place of inner and outer, design itself anew.

David Whyte