Fall Equinox and the Libra New Moon : Threshold Crossings

Tuesday, September 23rd : 11:13pm PDT

As we transition from Summer, whose ruling element is Fire, towards Autumn and Water with the Fall Equinox on September 22nd, there is a powerful threshold crossing that brings these two elemental forces - both their physical 'outer' expression (transition of the seasons from summer sun, to fall chill and moisture), and their archetypal inner expression (expression and creativity to inward turning contemplation and self-care), into balanced relationship. For just a few days before and few days after the Equinox, we hold opposite energies in direct relationship. The crucible that is created in relationship is a passage that shapes our evolution. Again...inner and outer. As the seasons change and the length of day and night become equal, we can see and feel for ourselves just how intense and beautiful change can be in the wilds - how contrast held in balance is awe-inspiring and ancient, albeit brief. For ourselves too, when we enter into the friction of ANY relationship in our lives - not only with our human 'others', we are equally ushered into a crucible of change.

This new moon, as all new moons, is conjunct, or occupying the same position in the sky, as the sun in the sign of Libra. Libra is the most social of signs, seeking to be in - not just any relationship - but RIGHT relationship. It is only balanced, authentic and aware relationship that create true beauty and harmony. That feeds our lives and makes evolution and growth, although often difficult, stunning and unforgettable, like the turning of the leaves in the fall. With the sun and the moon conjunct, this Libra power is exemplified and amplified in our own lives. The balancing of the inner self (moon) and the outer self (sun), the dance of identity (sun) and the truth of our emotional needs (moon), the masculine (sun) and the feminine (moon)...the archetypal forces of fire (sun) and the water (moon). Right relationship stands on knowing the value of intimacy between two forces.

Although Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, we must be equally aware of the powerful mirror relationship holds up for us. This new moon, instead of feeling at ease in your relationships, you may experience a confrontation with your 'adversaries', whether they be in the form of another human, or your relationship to other aspects of your life. The reminder during a Libra New Moon, is that new beginnings are possible, and often necessary. A small shift of perspective, a request phrased in compassion and care, a decision that has been needing to be made - all can significantly empower your own threshold crossing in a skillful and lasting way. New moons are new beginnings. As we shift from summer to fall, we naturally take time to review.

Libra New Moon Asks : How can I shape my life to be in right relationship with all things? In what ways does intimacy feed and nurture me? Who/what is present in my life right now, that offers themselves to me as a strong mirror?