FUEL the BIG DREAM and bring it to EARTH

New Moon in Virgo

We're nearing the end of our summer cycle. The blazing fire of the midday sun is softening to glowing embers. The time for gathering what has been cultivated, energized, expressed and celebrated all summer long is near. This new moon in Virgo opposite Neptune offers us a BIG push (Mars square Saturn) in the direction of our WILDEST DREAMS (Neptune) made manifest (Virgo).

Virgo is an earth sign. She is concerned with detail, order, beauty, and the meticulous path of one step at a time. Latin for "virgin", we are reminded of the original meaning of that word - one who is truly self-referencing and autonomous, that needs no other to be whole. She asks us to ground into the power of our own calling, to embrace our summer inspirations and to begin the road to creation. She says, "let's walk the earthly path that will support the vision." 

Neptune, the dreamer, the idealist, the spell caster and the watery domain of anything-is-possible, stands opposite the moon, giving insight into our desire to dream big, and to come into contact with our soul's calling. He says, "what do you envision in a world without limitations?"

Saturn squares Mars on August 25th as well - also calling for ACTION, this combo contributes fuel, power and a penetrating dedication to the vision. The exact energy that may be needed to take that brave leap into the actualization of our dreams and visions. There is no doubt some courage will be called for. 

In the midst of this celestial fuel, we'll need to watch for self-criticism, a need for all things to be perfect, and a dreamy idealism. Mars conjunct Saturn - while providing fiery fuel, can also easily distort into irritation, aggression and anger. Take time to listen. This is moon energy after all. Let yourself be led into action and know that the beauty is in the journey.

At the end of the day, all we can ever do is TRUST THE PROCESS.