Full Moon and Chiron in Pisces

A Double Dose of Empathy with a Side of the Dreamtime.

Full Moon : Monday, September 8th 6:38pm PDT

The moon turns full in the watery, mutable sign of Pisces this Monday, September 8th, at 6:38pm PDT. Already, just days out, you may be awash with images, dreams, empathic messages, and subjective knowing. Words may be failing you already, as you navigate the inner ocean of consciousness. In the light of this supermoon, the invitation is to soften into a non-verbal, non-literal space with compassion and ease. The invitation is into your mythic, mystic consciousness.

Water is the most resonant element as it picks up energetic information of all kinds from the field around it. As human beings we are 90% water and therefore already wired to have a profound faculty of intuitive knowing that is beyond the level of the small mind. Most of us, however, grew up in a culture that discouraged subjective knowing for the more tangible, objective kind. Because the full moon shines light on places in us and around us that have been "in the dark", you may find yourself questioning and balancing your own tendency to rest on objective vs. subjective knowing. As Steven Forrest says, Pisces holds "all that can be felt but never known." There is power in this.

Ruled by Neptune, the God of the Sea, there may be other watery shadows made visible this Tuesday. As powerful and alluring as our dreamtime/mythic reality is, it may be you have a tendency to hide there, letting your inner escapist retreat to the depths of you without a careful balance of direction, purpose and clear intent. In the powerful tides of the supermoon it will be even more important to seek balance within yourself and coax your inner escapist back out into the light where much good can come from the LIVING of your dreams. The world needs us all right now.

To top off this watery, emotive, dreamtime mix we have the asteroid Chiron sharing space with sister Moon in Pisces. Chiron is the wounded healer archetype. The half man, half horse centaur who has the capacity to heal all - both Gods and men - but ironically, carries with him a wound that itself won't ever heal. One of my teachers just taught me that the horse, a symbol of great empathy, compassion and camaraderie for humankind, carries the wounded man in partnership. In this way, the inner horse of each of us can be resourced and activated to carry your wounded parts and love them into action. It is said our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses.

The answer to any question now, is LOVE. And unconditional love is the great strength of the Pisces moon. Words and outward action may not be the chosen mode of expression, so let yourself let go of the need to do, and apprentice to the being of love. Write a poem, sit in meditation, clear your space - inner and outer, and let yourself FEEL IT ALL.

Thank you Mama Ocean, Sister Moon, Brother Chiron, and Father Neptune. We are grateful!