Full Moon in Capricorn-Cancer

Full Moon : July 12th, 4:25am PST )O( The Hieros Gamos

The full moon on July 12th is the first of three Super Moons in 2014, where the position of the moon in relation to the earth is less than 224,851 miles apart. Not only will this Capricorn moon appear closer and larger than usual in the night sky, adding drama to Mother Nature's tidal flow, but it's astrological position opposite Cancer lands us smack dab in the center of an important recalibrating act for our time.

The Hieros Gamos or Sacred Marriage, is an ancient greek coupling that Carl Jung in his book,Symbols of Transformation, further defines as the union of two opposite forces. Each of us carry with us a Divine Masculine essence and a Divine Feminine essence, regardless of gender or sexual preference.  Our sacred masculine brings us into directionality, purpose, healthy boundaries and expression. Our sacred feminine essence safeguards our capacity to feel passion and compassion, self reflection, imagination and creativity. When these two essences are in balance, one supports the other in perfect harmony.

However, the balance of these two forces is often nowhere to be found. In our modern, western, face-paced society - especially since the onslaught of the industrial revolution - only one way of expressing in the world has been championed. The Masculine. It is all to common to feel required to be continuously driven, focused, clear, and outward with no time to turn into the dark of our hearts and feel. It is my conclusion that it is not the Divine Feminine that needs healing during this time of transformation, but the overwrought, overworked and distorted Divine Masculine that needs to learn when to let go and be still.

Both Capricorn and Cancer are yin signs or receptive, feminine signs. Both will teach us about self-care, quietude, and reflection. The full moon energy is always one of revelation, casting light on the shadow parts of ourselves that are out of balance, exhausted and overworked. What this full moon energy brings us is the opportunity to take another look at our modus operandi - our patterned way of moving in the world - so that maybe we can begin to allow the feminine to hold our masculine enough to say; "hey, be gentle, learn to let go, to breathe, to go inward, to be still." There is a time for action and a time for reflection. Both are equally necessary.

In Harmony,


Ritual Suggestion : This pre-dawn full moon is a fantastic opportunity to let off the gas pedal and take some time to be in self-reflection. What patterns or ways of being keep you on or close to burn-out? What goals are you chasing that result on in anxiety or self-doubt? In what ways can the strength of your feminine side help to cool the fire of the masculine in a way that is helpful and wholing? How do your day-to-day relationships with the opposite sex shed light on your inner relationship to both the masculine and the feminine?

Write out at least THREE self-care rituals or activities you can commit to incorporating into your face-paced life. Taking the time to be in a yin space helps to cultivate the TRUST necessary to know you don't have to be on overdrive 100% of the time to be productive or successful.