Full Moon in Taurus : Where do you place your time and attention?

Full Moon : Thursday, November 6th : 2:33pm PDT

The moon rose over the red rocks of the Joshua Tree desert against a backdrop of purple, brilliant blue, and orange. The warmth of the setting sun left the sand pleasant on my bare feet, and Raven's call carried over smells of sage and earth. I laid down, belly to earth, and let the moment infuse all parts of me, feeling whole and still, and delighted in the peace of it. My body, the earth...a full arrival into the heart of what it is to be embodied.

This is Taurus. Flooded with sensory awareness in full appreciation of Nature's gifts. With the Full Moon today in Taurus, we are reminded to fall back in love with our bodies, with the Mother, and with rhythm. Illuminating what stories we choose to run on repeat, Taurus full moon will beg the question :what is it we value? How do we want to be moving through life? How can we experience the most pleasure - life as gift - moment by moment? How do our actions reflect our values?

As Adyashanti once said, our two most valuable commodities as human beings are our time and attention. Where we choose to place them, is what we most value.

Taurus Full Moon is a perfect opportunity to review how we access, utilize and seek to gain resources for ourselves, both inner and outer, and to pay attention to the ways we may spend countless hours in hot pursuit of the outer, while forgetting (or paying lip service) to true resource born from the inside out. Unskillful Taurean energy is spent in reckless accumulation of physical wealth and goods. Shop therapy. More is more. The catch is we'll never gain enough outside ourselves to feel truly safe. To feel truly connected to all of life in a fulfilling and whole way.

This Taurus Full Moon, ask yourself how you actively cultivate your wealth of inner resources - born of your own unique and essential value system. You just may find your time and attention has been spent elsewhere.