New Moon Conjunct the Sun in Gemini

New Moon : Wednesday, May 28th : 11:43 AM

New Moon time is an invitation to follow the breath of the great celestial bodies inward to fill the warm, dark space of our interior selves. It is also a strong portal opening for higher alignment and clear focus as the moon and the sun are conjunct (sharing space in the sky). To round out the month of May both the moon and the sun are dancing in Gemini, the sign of analysis, communication and divine messages (think Hermes) in the 3rd house : mentality, expression, communication etc. In this way, we have a triple dose of the BIG VIEW, which is the gift of the mutable Air sign. A sign that can leap and dive through the various worlds and finds no limit on its discovery.

Often a new or full moon in the sign of Gemini is painted as a challenging placement, as the moon is emotional energy and Gemini is associated with mental energy, thus a tension between the heart and the head is inevitable. But when taken in fully, silently, and ritually, we can use this dynamic tension to our great benefit. The new moon phase is one of germination underground and the beginning of a critical phase of development, a new project or a new idea, that has no clear external manifestation.* Use the profound powers of Gemini and the 3rd house to really explore what is being seeded inside you. Use Gemini's favorite methods such as writing out your intentions, clearly and completely, composing poetry, singing songs, announcing yourself to the great inner darkness. "I am the one who longs for..." is a powerful phrase.

There is no doubt it's preparation time with this new moon - not yet to take action, but to gather our resources and set our intentions for it. Time to seed what needs to be seeded so that our voices may be heard. Time to balance out the head and the heart, the conscious (sun) and the unconscious (moon), the self (sun) and the soul (moon), so our expression in the world is resonant. No better sign than Gemini to traverse the worlds like Mercury, like Hermes, gathering communications and insights as he goes.

Last tip, taking a bath, putting your feet in the earth, or playing a drum will help you stay grounded in your body and connected to your emotional self, and can help immensely with the task of balancing head and heart.

*Stephanie Austin,