New Moon in Aries ~ Welcome the WILD of You.

Sink Down Into the WILD of You and Resource Your Feline Self For This New Moon in Aries.

Sunday, March 30th at 11:45am PST

All new moon times are times of turning in as in the pause at the end of an exhale, but this potent new moon in the sign of Aries carries with it initiatory sparks of energy that may have you pacing in your cave - all too aware of the complimentary opposites you hold within your great and predatory being. The best image I can conjure for this time is that of the mountain lion. Both penetrating in eyes, claws, teeth and vision (Aries), and wholly feminine in its elusive, secretive, sinuous and feline way (new moon), the Mountain Lion energy energy is here to guide us into our WILD power. The major lesson here? Learn to hold your Aries power, that may want to come out in displays of aggression, anger, and reactivity, for a more skillful mission - like stalking, unapologetically, what you'd like to manifest in your life. Springing only when all things conspire on your behalf. This is our Zodiac New Year - ushering in a new cycle of creativity. 

New Moon in Aries Asks: How can you resource the untamed in you to birth anew this Spring?

Ritual Suggestion :

Now more than ever we need to come into balance - to hold both our masculine and our feminine with equal awareness. The tide is rising and the fire is lit. To stay in harmony, carve out 10 minutes each day to light a candle and sit in silence. Listen to the intelligence of the body. Sensation, the rhythm of the breath, the way the air feels on your skin...opening to any messages that may want to come through a softer channel. Be aware that fire, although it provides VISION, can also BURN when not contained. Refine your vessel through deep listening so vision can become skillful action.