New Moon in Sagittarius : "yes this....and what else?"

New Moon in Sagittarius: November 22, 4:22am PST

A deepening in the archetypal energy of Sagittarius this New Moon encourages a seed time for the cultivation of wisdom. True wisdom is born of experience first - a call to be out in the world as a pilgrim of your purpose, always seeking, exploring and weighing into the philosophies you live by. You may be QUESTioning a great many things...What do I really stand for?

"The stories we tell ourselves shape our world," says Anodea Judith.

With both the moon and sun in the first house of identity or perhaps better understood as the way in which we can best pursue and discover our core selves, we're called to move outward and make room for an expanded sense of self, a little more understanding, and dose of "yes this, and what else?"

Sagittarius energy, when distorted or expressed unskillfully can jump from one belief to the next, with no to little real-life application. Conjunct the sun and moon (sharing the same space in the sky), the father of discernment and methodology, not to mention unscrupulous integrity (Saturn), is showing up to aid our discovery process. It's not expansion for the sake of expansion. It's not "more belief is more," says Saturn, but a re-alignment into our own deeply grounded and free TRUTH at the center of things.

Perhaps the seeding of the New Moon will be a perfect time to cultivate a more compassionate, expansive view of the world or better yet - of yourself. In what ways have you kept yourself too small out of fear for your largeness? Out of fear of the power you alone possess? Are you telling yourself a too-small story more often than not? Does the rigidity of your own beliefs limit even you?

Saturn energy in the mix can be a bit disruptive and harsh, especially if you're choosing to ignore something. Take a look, review and expand says Sagittarius, in the way of deep integrity says Saturn.

As always, New Moon cycles are phases of intuitive knowing and subjective awareness where things are more felt than seen or analyzed. Let yourself fall back into the dark, where the big picture begins within and lives harmoniously alongside your personal integrity. Nurture the seed and watch it bloom.