New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse : Elevator DOWN

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Venus in 8th house : October 23, 2:57pm PDT

Buckle up my friends, we're going down.  This New Moon in Scorpio is also a Solar Eclipse, marking a very powerful New Moon time - one that challenges and revives all that we've hidden and tossed down into the basement of our lives.

Both the conscious (sun) and unconscious or instinctual self (moon) will naturally feel called to drop into the undercurrent, peering down (or up from) the underworld, and you may find yourself with a strong need to flip the rug back, and say; "what's under there?" If you resist this impulse for fear of what you may discover, the descent may be abrupt and potentially painful, throwing you into less-than-comfortable (yet often transformational) states. Power-seeking paranoia, jealousy, and resentment may come to the surface as unskillful Scorpionic expressions. Just sayin'.

Obviously, this combination could herald an intense few days, where the taboo comes under scrutiny and the dirty laundry is aired. Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, rules Scorpio, and he loves to poke at the shadow of the collective psyche - power, sex, passion, death, and rebirth, are all his favorite inquiries and pursuits. The 8th house, the house of the death and life cycles, is the gateway between the middle worlds and the lower worlds. Pluto feels right at home there, and is more likely to stir the cosmic soup in a deep, intimate and intensely personal way.

All this may sound like a bit much, but Scorpio is one of my favorite signs. It's a time where we all get to say it (or see it) like it is. Direct. No bullshit. No fluffy cushioning. This New Moon is certainly not an invitation to kick our feet up and take afternoon tea in the Netherlands of our psyches; a decent is ALWAYS in service of our evolution and growth, and we'll feel that tension. We MUST stare the pink elephant in the eyes before we can expect to alchemize 'what's up' (or down) for each of us. This is the great transformational power of Pluto.

New Moons are the final harvest of a life/death cycle. What remains in the dark is the seed. This New Moon is especially potent, as it is the last Harvest Festival in the indigenous Celtic tradition, also known as Lunar Samhain (or Halloween), thus marking the Celtic New Year's Eve. All that to say, it's a fantastic time for prayers held in the most intimate depths. Those prayers that may spend half the year in shadow, that are hard to look at for the power they hold. For one night, let them rise up to hold them in your awareness. Distill the power, and place it in seed form. Power is power Scorpio says, no judgement, it's how we use it. Repressed or held back anger, grief, all things sex-related, hunger, fear of death...all energy, all beautiful, all part of a full life. This was the most sacred time of year for the Celtic people, where the veils between the worlds of life and death are thin, and we may learn the most about the great Mysteries. Scorpio is a water sign. Let yourself FEEL it all.

The moon and sun and conjunct Venus during this New Moon Solar Eclipse. One of the arenas you may be experiencing transformation is in the way you give and receive love, how you are in intimate relationship and what you value. You may find that what has worked for you in the past, may not work for you now. The story may be only halfway true, or the truth may actually be deeper than what is often expressed. What you have valued in the past, may seem trivial, or too-small. Pluto says it's time to review, and Venus says, let's do it in a way that keeps truth, beauty, love, and relationship in mind.

Give yourself a lot of space over the next few days to really look and feel. What's ready to be shifted? What's ready to come up into the light? What power or energy is at the root of your actions? And how can we let the dark fuel truth? What do you really value? How does playing small in relationship no longer serve?

Offer it all up to fire in the center, so you too can catch a ride, Phoenix-style, for the New Year to come.