Sagittarius Full Moon

Full moon times illuminate for us parts of ourselves that like to hide in the dark.

Picture a night landscape with the full moon blazing overhead. Is she soft, or is she dangerous? Ominous or enveloping? It's hard to tell... perhaps because the moon represents the deep feminine nature. A quality or archetype that is both/and. The tension of two polar opposites creates an alchemical third that is best approached with reverence as it presupposes change and growth.

In times past when we were synced with the cycles of the moon and the play of light and dark in nature, women would ovulate and men's testosterone levels would increase. Still today, there is a dangerous courtship to be danced when the moon is full. Whether that be with a human "other" or an "other than human" - namely the shadow parts of ourselves that are ready to be released, catching a ride on the ebb of mama moon.

Ruled by massive Jupiter, this sagittarius full moon is one of expansion, freedom and play. Full-to-bursting with visions and ideals and philosophical insights! Sounds delicious, (says a true Sagittarius!), but with the sun in Gemini we WILL have a chance to see where our perceptions, our words, and the workings of our minds (Gemini) may be supporting an old belief system, a too-small story, or even a shadowy untruth (Sagittarius).  It may be a tough insight to swallow, and an even tougher pattern to shift.

Fortunately, ever-optimistic Jupiter won't let you be down for long, so take the opportunity to really look at the ways in which you limit yourself and keep yourself small. Our starry allies this month are here to support your expansion and the wild pursuit of your soul's deepest dreams.

Sagittarius full moon asks us : In what ways are you ready to INNOVATE?