Winter Solstice & New Moon in Capricorn

Winter Solstice : December 21st 3:03pm PST : New Moon 5:36pm PST

Bright seasonal blessings to each of you on this day! As the Wheel of the Year comes to a still point, we are steeping in the darkest time of the year before the return of the light. Here in the Northern Hemisphere the Winter Solstice occurs as the sun enters Capricorn this Sunday, December 21st at 3:03pm PST. Just a few hours later, the Moon turns New at 5:36pm PST. It is potent time of rebirth and new beginnings steeped in the magic of tradition - that goes back thousands of years.

All around us abound symbols of the season - Evergreen Christmas trees, wreaths on the doors, mistletoe and stockings, candles in the windows, yule logs, sweets, and furry Reindeer.  A little sleuthing in the right places will uncover the older, ancient pre-Christian roots of a Solar festival that too celebrated the return of Spirit into the hearts of Her people, and the enduring fortitude, fertility and strength of mankind through the darkest, coldest, shortest days of the year. Whatever your beliefs, this is a time to come together and gather 'round the hearth fire to share stories, laughter, good food, and kinship, with the hope of a New Dawning and New Way - of the highest. Our Sun (our conscious, spirit-laden self) is reborn. And this year, so too is our moon (soul).

As with all threshold crossings, we are stripped bare and asked to carry only what we need for the next cycle. It is in the dark that we begin to form the structure (Capricorn) for what is asked to come through. Capricorn is the Sea Goat - an ancient, esoteric image of one who both resources from the deep water of soul, and climbs the mountain of becoming with inner 'author'ity. Only YOU know in the depths of you, what is to be built with the waxing of the light. Capricorn asks that you strip yourself to the bones and lean into THAT with all your strength of heart. Your ancestors have you, your tribe has you, your family - whether they be your birth family or your spiritual family, has you. No threshold crossing is easy, but in right alignment and with healthy boundaries, they can bring humanity into the next octave with participation, joy and integrity of spirit. 

Capricorn can, if unbalanced by the hustle and bustle  - and compulsory band-aiding of consumer culture so rampant this time of year (more more more instead of...let go) - manifest as a loud inner critic that asks you stay small. That says 'who ARE YOU to dream of this', who ARE YOU to build anew? Comfort that One with the One of you who resources from the wisdom of the season. All things in their time and in their place.

Needless to say, now, just 2 days before the Solstice and the New Moon, we are in a shedding and letting go time. Be watchful and aware of the power of your words, your dreams, your actions, and your intent. If you can, sit quietly for the Solstice, and again for the New Moon. Feel the light bathing you, inside and out even in the depths of the darkness. The work is begun. Trust. Stay close to the fire. ALL things are signs and symbols that 'look at you doubly'. It's a good time to look back and say...YES.