Full Moon in Gemini

Gemini Full Moon : Saturday, December 6th, 4:27am PST

Gemini is the sign of communication, connection, and the brilliance of the analytical mind. The moon is the archetypal character that represents our changing emotions and all the ways we look to give soul nourishment and receive it. The quick thinker will notice that these two qualities are often interpreted as at odds with one another. The mind vs. the heart. The masculine principle of logos, and the feminine principle of pure instinctual feeling. Those of us who identify with a strong need to talk through our emotions or 'externally process' will relate to this moon. I was born on a Gemini Full Moon and have long struggled with the reconciliation of opposites. I have also often ran the risk of intellectualizing my way out of feeling deeply. Be aware.

The fantastic leg-up we get with a Gemini moon is a clear identification of what begs to move out into the world. As social beings, we often instigate action through the power of the voice. In the old testament of the bible there lives the phrase "in the beginning was the word." Para Vac, or The Supreme Word, in the Classical Tantric tradition is a higher form of Saraswati : words are vibration - that which creates and destroys. So too can we create and destroy with the words we choose to speak. Although Gemini is often associated with extreme verbosity, part of its skillful expression is to listen with equal reverence to the silence between the words. Jumping and diving between the worlds is indeed the skill of Hermes or Mercury, the ruler of Gemini.

You might find yourself particularly communicative in the next few days on matters of the heart. Opposite the sun in Sagittarius, we are all seeking the Truth at the heart of things, which requires an close-in exchange. The throat and vocal chords build a bridge between the head (logos) and the heart (emotion). Let your words be the meeting of the two. Be open to allow space between the words to pause and feel and integrate. You might be surprised what you learn.

The full moon is a phase of total illumination and the beginning of release. Watch for superfluous chatter that doesn't serve the heart, and take extra care during the rush of the holiday season to recharge and integrate. With the help of this alignment and the relational tension (opposition) it creates, we just may expand (Sagittarius) our capacity to understand (Gemini) our own needs and the needs of others (the moon). Perfect timing for the holidays.