New Supermoon in Aquarius

New Supermoon in Aquarius : Tuesday January 20th 5:14am PST

This Tuesday in the early pre-dawn light, the Moon and Sun get cozy in the sign of Aquarius and in the house of personal discovery and self-assertion. This new moon is the first of six Supermoons that we'll experience in 2015 where the moon's orbit comes closest to the earth. As with all new moons, we mark a beginning and an ending both, now amplified by the moon's proximity.

New moon cycles are powerful visionary times, where the whole of the cycle - all of what is to come - is in front of us. Just like the growth cycle of a plant, the seed is first in the dark and the roots must go down. This is, or can be, a time of struggle, inspired by the desire to LIVE and to BE. The shell of the seed must break down and soften to allow the blossoming to take place. Love is the word we use for this primal desire to take on form, to create, to differentiate, to celebrate this life right now. Love will soften the hardest of edges.

In the sign of Aquarius we are being called to envision outside of the box. Be the Maverick, the Change-Agent and the Trend-Setter. Ruled by Uranus, we have access to the higher workings of our intellect, and the profound reach of our deep intelligence. Keep yourself open and attuned for flashes of insight that may take you by surprise, both in the power they hold and in their potential for collective change. If we all envisioned a better world, a healthy culture, and (re)evolution of the heart, where would we be then? 

In the first house, we have the opportunity to begin within. Before any of us can truly offer ourselves to the world - as the the seed offers itself to the beings that depend on its growth, we must root DOWN. Turn in. Track your own desire to grow and make space. The truth is the world needs YOU - all of you, right now. Free of the shoulds and shouldn'ts. Free of a life-dampening desire to be better-than or the veil of not-enough. How about...just to BE? In all our glory! We all have our work to do, whether that work be quietly carried out, or visible to others. Ask yourself, who am I really? What seed am I carrying for the collective? In the dark of this supermoon, come close to, (as David Whyte says), "the promise it would kill you to break." The one you came in with. Then celebrate that. Love that. And the world will benefit.