Libra New Moon

Monday, October 12th : 5:06pm PST

Both the sun and the moon stand at the threshold of harmony and balance. Day and night hold equal sway over the land; equal parts light, projective, radiant, masculine, and equal parts dark, inward spiraling, reflective, and feminine. These archetypal forces make themselves known to us in every cyclic process in Nature, from the ebb and flow of the tides, to the budding, rooting, flowering and fruiting of a plant. 

On the eve of this New Moon we're marking the end of eclipse season where the predominant themes have been relationship, sovereignty, and balance. Libra New Moon is a deeply inward moving time, where our contemplation of relationship begins in the cave of the heart. We cannot approach outer relationship, without reconciling the inner. We cannot expect another to do our work for us, to behave as we dream of them behaving, and to show up and fill in all the spaces that feel vacuous and unattended to within. We must do that work ourselves. We must dive into the polarity within us, both the masculine and feminine forces, in service of showing up whole and complete.

This is not easy work. We are bombarded by a standard of relationship that is both romanticized and held small by consensus reality. Relationships, both inner and outer, are the crucible through which you choose to either evolve, show up, and do the work, or devolve, leaning heavily on the shoulds and shouldnts of society, or on deeply worn patterns that don't work, yet have never truly been addressed.

This New Moon says our personal experience of 'other' is directly related to our personal experience of self. What we think is 'out there,' is in fact, 'in here.' A tricky position to take in a world where collective patterns of blame, shame, and avoidance continue to feed the status quo.

Venus, the Goddess of Love and Values, rules Libra and offers us her warm hand as a companion on this quest for wholeness. Venus herself in her 584 day cycle, journeys into the underworld, shedding her royal vestments for what lies beneath, bravely ready to see her shadow and shortcomings, to rise stronger, more radiant, and full of love for self and other. So too can we say yes to the crucible of relationship as a death and rebirth process, where we're first asked to shed the small, other-focused blame and shame (or exaltation) handed to us by consensus reality for a more personal, more empowered take on romance. The better we come to know our inner beloved, the one of us that truly sees who we are for ourselves, the less we'll require that of our partners.  The more human they can be free to become in our eyes.

Only then will we reach true balance. When two wholes come together, rooted in self-love, ready to shine their radiance on the very messy, very real, and very divine HUMAN that stands before them.

Take time this New Moon for deep reflection. What are the needs you feel have never been met in relationship? Or the opposite. What do you feel having a relationship will provide for you that you're not providing for yourself? What can you take personal responsibility for that you've long projected outward onto an other?  

Perhaps introduce yourself to the one of you that really truly SEES YOU, like no other will ever realistically be able to do. Romance that one, and you just may find your human relationships will heat up too.