Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon

Full Super Moon : Tuesday, October 27th, 5:05am PST

The polarity of the sun and moon strike up a conversation that dances with the themes of both shallow and true desire, and our processes of transformation and growth that ultimately shape our world.

With the powerful full moon in Taurus our desires are illuminated and magnified for us to see clearly, perhaps even as objectively as possible. These may show up as earthly desires, such as a longing for financial security and abundance, well-made things, physical beauty, or a pull toward artistic expression of some sort. It could also visit you as a re-evaluation of your personal values, including your sense of self-worth. With Venus as Aphrodite ruling Taurus, it's likely to be a sensual time, where pleasure for its own sake could take the shape of a holy task. Equally possible is the sudden awareness that where you are, what you're doing, and how you're expressing yourself seems to be far away from the desires you hold in your heart.

Part of what is tricky here is that we've been acculturated into valuing something, or some kind of end-goal, that is not in alliance with our true desires.

Many of us have been born into the detrimental ethos of the "American Dream," where material gain and personal fame is the vision to be desired above all others - where anyone can "make it" in the land of plenty without personal sacrifice, the harming of innocents, and much difficulty at all. It is a lie and a natural imbalance that has our people taking constantly without thought, fueling insatiable, and unfulfilling desire. It leaves us disconnected from our own personal gifts and soul powers, for those gifts and those powers come only after we have surrendered our small will for a much greater will. They come only after we turn toward what is hidden, dark and Mysterious, the root of all true desire.

This is where Scorpio, as the polar opposite energy of Taurus, comes in to awaken us to the energy that cuts away at what is not meaningful. Scorpio represents the realm of Mystery, and the darkening quarter of the Wheel of the Year. It is this part of the Zodiac that asks us to willingly sacrifice our egos, to consciously turn toward our shadows, and surrender our shallow desires to a deeper, more powerful current. To trust the dark. It is here where small desires get turned on their heads and integrity is cultivated through the profound joys and pains of determining what matters most.

This full moon we may be confronted with a vision of what we're pursuing that is shallow - a desire that is not in fact rooted in our personal value systems. We might get a glimpse of our own true beauty - beauty that is not always media perfect, but vivified and enlivened because of the truth at the center of it. We might contemplate, under the full moon, what the word desire really means; which is "of the stars." We may even, remember that there is only one of us here, right now, perhaps ever, with this particular set of soul gifts, that care very little about material gain and personal pleasure, but are for us to offer radiantly, magnificently, wholeheartedly. Once we see these gifts - perhaps as the currency that we are all abundant in -  we may receive some insight on our worthiness. We could receive some insight on what needs to die, or to be surrendered for the larger vision to take place. We might see what is worth protecting, fighting for, and speaking out against. 

This dance is the refiner's fire of meaning-making. Our values rule our actions. Our actions shape the world for better or for worse. The act of creating true beauty in the world and generating pleasure is a holy act. The act of offering, surrendering, and cutting away what no longer serves the whole is also a holy act. Neither acts in isolation.

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