Full Moon in Gemini

Gemini Full Moon Wednesday, November 25th : 2:44pm PST

Gemini full moon is the voice of us that thrives in a good conversation. Quick, and witty, this one of us can show up as the youthful innocent in one breath, always good for a laugh, and the wise sage in the next without pause. Her very variety of insights, imaginings and perceptions afford all who have strong Gemini with an uncanny ability to make connections, to see the deep structure of things, and to soar and fly, dip, and dash through the workings of our powerful minds. Although often associated with thinking and communication, Gemini is a highly mysterious sign that holds more than meets the eye. Her mercurial changling nature is one of a Magician or a trickster. She is able to bridge-build between realties, between people, and thoughts, inner and outer. She is agile and quick, and generative in her world-making.

With the moon turning full in Gemini we have a seasonal threshold moment where our instinctual, emotive, and nurturing self turns to receive insight from the mind. In essence, this moon creates a dynamic tension that asks us to consider both our thinking-brain, and the seat of our wild heart. 

As with all full moons, our ripening creative endeavors, perceptions, and yes, thoughts, reach a flowering moment - an apex, and an exhalation as the pause before the exhale. The power is in the bridge building. We create our worlds through this portal with the stories we tell. One such story (or perhaps many) is in full bloom. Is it one you consciously created? Or are you at the mercy of your perceptions?

So Gemini asks in this moment of bloom; what is the nature of your world-making? 

You hold the keys.

(a note : many of you will likely be aware of the powerful collective threshold that being stirred up now by Saturn square Neptune. How does the workings of our deep mind (Gemini) catalyze or stymie our spiritual maturity? (Saturn sq. Neptune) How does our evolution as spiritual beings demand us to put into build the world we want to see - for ourselves and our future ones? Read more on Saturn sq. Neptune here on Mystic Mama)