Dark Moon in Scorpio ~ Lunar Samhain

New Moon in Scorpio-Taurus : Lunar Samhain : Wednesday, November 11, 9:47am

Dark moon blessings to you, on this day of Mystery and forgotten wisdom. November 8th (yesterday) marked Solar Samhain for the Northern Hemisphere; a Celtic cross quarter fire festival that occurs each year when our sun crosses 15 degrees of Scorpio, and the historical root of our Halloween. On Wednesday, November 11th, the moon goes dark in Scorpio-Taurus, marking Lunar Samhain. This seasonal festival is celebrated as the Celtic New Year, when the seed of the previous cycle goes underground, carried through even death's doorway (Scorpio) to sprout anew in the cycle to come (Taurus). It is the ancient descent and rebirth of life force energy - not disappearing, but transforming, shifting shape, and when well-tended, sent under to gather strength. What the ancient Celtic people understood was that life begins in death, not in birth. It is the distillation of meaning and integration of experience that seeds life's trajectory.

It is the loss of this essential relationship between life and death that robs our modern world of the fertile darkness and instills fear in the hearts of many who are quick to bite off on a moral overlay between light and dark, pitting them as opponents rather than allies.  The effects of such a distinction in western culture are too numerous to name, but we can begin the exploration in our own lives. What may be the consequence of pitting light against the dark? Life against death? Does death, literal or figurative - or perhaps said another way, change, instill fear inside, or reverence? Does impermanence call you deeper into the conversation with the world, or farther away? Do you sense yourself retreating into patterns of feeble control and false security struck through with an exhaustion bone-deep?

Samhain is the time to honor deaths gifts. The gift of endings. The seasonal exhale. The quiet, inward-turning, meaning making time. Leaves, as they expel their last life-energy in their splendor and display of color, celebrate death in beauty. They, among Others, have much to teach us about our fear...

In this dark time, I wish you all the benefits of destabilization. All the Mysterious, yet alluring whispers from under, that may have something to say about What Matters Most. I wish upon you the merciful surrender of endings, and a moment to sow the seeds of true change. I wish you enchantment and romance with the leaves, the plants, the hibernating animals, and the first rogue snowflakes, that remind you, in all of your magnificence, who you really are.

In Beloved Darkness,