Sagittarius New Moon

Art by Elena Ray

Art by Elena Ray

Sagittarius New Moon : Friday, December 11th : 2:29am PST

As I write this I sit watching out my window as the mists come in from the ocean and condensate on the succulents and cacti. A candle burns for light and warmth at my side as I am invited by Winter herself to turn inward to the marrow of my mind and heart for sustenance and entertainment. Sagittarius heralds this turnover from autumn to winter and for those born under this sign, there is an innate capacity to journey while sitting still, to make-meaning, and to philosophize. Of course, journeying inward is not the only place a Sagittarius will go. As the centaur, half horse and half wo/man this sign bridges the power of the higher mind with the animal body of earth. She bestows high energy, a quick intellect and physical power upon all those who dare wander in search of Truth.

The moon wanes into the sign of Sagittarius early tomorrow morning at 2:29am PST marking the seed cycle to come. What is our truth? How do we know when we’ve found it? And what are we harboring that burdens our travel? Sagittarius new moon asks us to get clear as the meaning-makers of our own lives - as the true authors of our experience. What is worth pursuing is Truth, and Truth with a capital T is not necessarily singular, fixed or rigid (as imbalanced Sag would sometimes like us to believe). Truth is an active inquiry that spirals us into the heart of our value systems. As we watch our world suffer under the weight of worldviews that seek to destroy “other,” how, as artisans and activists can we seed a different kind of Truth for the dreaming of winter to come? Can we know down to our animal body what we stand for, while still invoking the perspective of the cosmic order, to see the ways we all interweave one to another?

This new moon let your body be your guide as you travel free and unbound, across the landscape of your life to aim your arrow as one of many, straight and true, in service of all Life and all Truth. May all your days be rich with meaning.

Blessed be.