Yuletide Blessings and Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon

Frank Howell : White Hummingbird

Frank Howell : White Hummingbird

Dear Ones,

It is with Yuletide blessings and all the warmth of the solstice season that I wish you a powerful and profound full moon day. Whatever your background, your customs and your traditions, the wax and wane of the sun’s light plays upon all our hearts and is central to the experience of all life on this planet. Today the moon bloomed full in the sign of Cancer-Capricorn. These two signs of the zodiac mark the solstice points of the year - the zenith of light in the Southern hemisphere and the nadir of light in the Northern.  December 21st marked the exact solstice point, when the sun entered into Capricorn.

A Cancer-Capricorn full moon calls us into healthy homemaking - inner and outer, so that we may take our seat in our own belonging, living into our place at the council of elders. These ones of us that nourish, nurture and build think forward into all that is to come, are most interested in the living of our legacy, day to day in the tending of our homes, our communities, our children, our planet, and lifelong. Their prayer is that we remember the web in which we thrive. That we remember our lives are not solely our own.

This holiday season, may your life the gift, given forward in ways that nourish your wild heart, and the hearts of those to come. May you sing your song, from that secret place within you, filled with Mystery. May we join the chorus together.

All my love,