New Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

New Moon in Aquarius/Pisces Wednesday, February 18th : 3:47pm PST

Whales hear with their bones, says an article in my inbox. I watch the sun rise over the jungle and the great blue bowl of the sea, while toiling with the inner ear bone of an ancient Sperm Whale. Rocking now, even while on dry land with the residue of the ocean currents sucking me out and then rolling me in. The force of one great wave ripping over my head and like lomi, sending a strong and fluid forearm down the length of my back body, shoulders to toes. Nothing feels like that water. Nothing compares with its gentle strength. Its fierce embrace…its dangerous seduction.

Tomorrow at 3:47pm PST the moon turns new in the sign of Aquarius, just two degrees before the sun and moon shift into Pisces. This is the second new super moon that lands us in a completion and transition cycle from the collective visionary embrace of Aquarius and into the interdependence of all things - human and other-than-human alike - in Pisces. This intermingling of Aquarius/Pisces is a threshold time where stand at the crossroads - betwixt and between just the one or the other. We are both/and. Us and the other. We are feeling on a deeply intuitive, emotive and watery level our place both in the human community and in the wild world.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore represents the deep water of the ocean and all Her creatures. Eventually we all find our way down in rivers and streams to the ocean. We become more than the sum of our parts and the dreaming of the new begins again.

This supermoon brings to our fluid awareness our place, our task and our vision for these changing times. We can see, not necessarily with our thinking mind, but with the 'soft animal of our bodies' * how, in the power of the collective, we can choose to walk a path of reciprocity with our other-than-human world, or a path of one-sided exchange. To step into sacred reciprocity is to begin with each other. With the brilliant collective human mind. Each one of us holds a vision - a wild vision of a better way. Aquarius says, 'let the innovation reign' so that we can fall into our place in the scheme of things and dream another day. As David Whyte says;

“To be human is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.” 

Our kuleana - our sacred duty to move the dream forward in service of all things. To take wild responsibility as the stewards of this great earth and of our collective health and wellbeing. We will never do this alone.

Aquarius SuperMoon Round II says:

a he nani ke ao nei - behold this lovely world. And move forward 'while carrying what is hidden as a gift' to all things.