Full Moon in Leo ~ Wild Heart!

Leo Full Moon : Tuesday, February 3, 2015 : 3:09pm

Do you feel it? The exuding warmth radiating from the heart of this Leo full moon?

She is offering herself to the wild hearted ones this Imbolc, marking in our Sky Map the growing light and the power held in the tending of our own inner hearth fire. Leo, the heart. The place where all things join in creative and courageous self-expression. Sharing Her place in the sky with Jupiter, what is worth exuding, spilling forth, and designing from inside out gets an extra nudge into the light. What calls us to our greatness is indeed our Wisest Self, that knows this particular love,-infused blend of creativity is worth sharing, and that our communities and our culture as a whole will benefit from our unencumbered display of the heart. Sitting in equal and balanced relationship with the sun (the ruler of Leo) in Aquarius we now share with creativity and compassion the results of the past few weeks of innovation and forward-thinking brought forward by the Aquarius new moon. Yes to radical change! Yes to the Way of the Heart! Yes!

Bask in her light and be expanded. Let your unique quirky and innovative side nurture and feed you to your core. It's a perfect time to share yourself with your world, and to drop any too-small story that doesn't serve the call to shine from inside out.

In other news : get ready for Mercury to turn direct on February 11th. Ho!