Total Solar Eclipse : New Moon in Pisces : Spring Equinox

Painting by Autumn Skye Morrison

Painting by Autumn Skye Morrison

New Moon Solar Eclipse : Thursday March 20 : 2:36am PST

Spring Equinox : Thursday March 20 : 3:45pm PST

We are being transformed.

This is indeed a night be marked, dreamed alive, and tracked as we close a chapter and initiate anew. Early tomorrow morning at 2:36am PST the moon and sun enter into a full solar eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces. This SuperMoon eclipse marks not only the ending of a 19 year cycle and the beginning of a new evolutionary wave, but dances in the final degrees of the zodiac before the Spring Equinox just 13 hours later.

In the sign of Pisces we are closing and reflecting on our journey with the invitation to trust the deep current, to choose love and unity...the highest love, the aloha. Major physic downloads and intuitive hits color these few days, and our sense of self may be upset or challenged or both as it re-calibrates and shifts. Go with the flow, says the new moon in Pisces, and choose the path of least resistance. We must breakdown to breakthrough.

It is truly a night of deep dreaming and gentle review. Energy is coursing and shifting all around us, one element building on the next. Therefore quiet is best. Let the moon teach you how to magnetize and reflect. We have more available to us during this time.  She is asking  : 

What will you carry forward into bloom, and what remains to be pruned from the tree? 

At 3:45pm PST the sun enters into the 1st degree of Aries, the beginning of the zodiac wheel, spurring us into action - action that carries forward the taproot of the deep. This threshold is the resurrection and renewal of life. Here again... the next octave, the new wave, the fresh start.  Springtime.

As conscious beings we have a responsibility to take part in the cycles of nature, in the renewal of our own soul's journey. It is in participation - in the in-between of listening and doing, that we find grace...that we find what is meaningful to each one of us. This betwixt place holds the individual shine that renews us and re-inspires our place during this Earth Walk.  So let the dark of the night show you all the ways you are fecund and fertile, and when the sun dawns in the east greet the light of the Vernal Equinox as One who has gone dark, into the depths of the soul, into the taproot of all that it means to be human - born of wild love... and stand in YOUR calling - your secret prayer - the one that stirs the bones of you to bloom forward another day.

Blessings and we'll see each other on the other side!