Libra Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse!

Full Moon : Lunar Eclipse in Libra/Aries : Saturday, April 4th 5:05am PST

On the heels of the 7th and final Pluto/Uranus square and the total solar eclipse/new moon in the last degree of Pisces, comes another opportunity to put growth into action. The full moon occurring in the sign of Libra opposite the sun in Aries draws our attention to relationship of all kinds - right relationship. Harmony. Balance.

The Pluto/Uranus squares beginning in 2012 through March of 2016 were intense check-points (if not sledgehammers) to our existing paradigms, social structures and belief systems. The total solar eclipse new moon on March 20th revealed new potential for the cycle to come. As intellectual knowledge this is all well and good. But the time for empty theory is over. Aries demands action.

Our responsibility as individuals inside of the larger web of life is often the piece that we so often dodge, choosing instead to bypass difficult conversations and potentially painful self-reflection to point fingers. The tit-for-tat approach to "he said, she said." is a warped and twisted application of balance that is sure to fail for us going forward. In fact, it never worked for us in the past. To actively choose to take personal responsibility and to stand in the power of our own integrity is the path of the spiritual warrior/ess (Aries). As the earth's shadow passes over the face of the moon we are mirrored in our very human process of deciding, once and for all, to turn and face our shadow as it shows  up in relationship. The irony (and the beauty) of that courageous and decisive act, is that in doing so we just may discover how fear and vulnerability mask and then melt into the unbearable power of true love, trust and understanding. We are all human... after all.

Take this opportunity to be shadow, and as I often say to myself in the midst of challenging interpersonal moments, "keep your nose clean. Don't take the bait to play small."

Sometimes it’s the way we least suspect - the route into darkness - that will lead us home; we don’t find out until we grow still and quit fleeing the dome of dangerous feelings. Spent, we drop into our fate, the well of unknown, the territory of the heart where truth waits.
— Jennifer Delaney