Full Moon in Virgo - Pisces

Full Moon in Virgo : Thursday March 5 : 10:05am PST

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin; the feminine aspect that is whole unto herself. During the time of the year in which that part of the zodiac is touched by the sun, the full abundance of the seasonal harvest is ready to be distributed - all of its latent energy directed toward highest and best use. Tomorrow morning at 10:05am PST the moon - our instinctive nurturing self  - turns full in the arms of the Virgin. Thus nudging us into review and receptivity of all the ways we are abundant and whole - or the opposite - the ways we neglect ourselves through life-staunching personal critique and limiting daily habits. The sign of service, Virgo sees latent energy and seeks to distribute that life-force with practicality and discernment. Life is precious.

The Virgo full moon asks; where are you leaking what is holy and yours alone to offer?

Opposite the sun in Pisces, the sign of the deep water into which all channels flow, we are provided an opportunity to see how the careful discernment and distribution of life force is BOTH a selfish and a selfless service - and needs to be so.  The moon calls us into self-care first, with compassion and a gentle heart, so that we CAN be of service to a larger collective. This pulse is the heartbeat of service, self to other. Inner to outer. Home to community. And so on.

Equally powerful in the mix is Black Moon Lilith who shares the same place in the sky as the full moon in Virgo. Lilith often points to exiled powers that lie in the shadow, emerging as harsh judgement and criticism, or external placement of desirable qualities onto others. Both the sinister and the golden projections amount to an "I'll never be that, or do that" belief. Be aware of how others are triggering you at this time, especially when it comes to everyday behavior patterns, health and the body, and use of life-force. A fear of failure or a strong judgement of others' failures may be particularly up right now. There may be something lying in the depths of you that cause such a strong trigger to light. Ask yourself; what qualities does such and such person have that allow them to act in such a way? Could you benefit from those qualities yourself?

The sun too shares its place with the powerful planetoid Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces. Shining light on tender and collective/ancestral wounds of trust in the larger plan and going (or not going) with the flow. Often manifesting as a fear of vulnerability and, opposite Virgo, a real potential for "I'll do it all myself" mentalities that can leave one drained and depleted.

This full moon, in short, is about service. The nourishment of daily rituals that feed your life force energy, that allow you to come into contact with all the ways you are whole and complete, and the offerings out of the wholeness that are born of overflow.

Be gentle with yourself, and trust in the deep current.