Aries New Moon - Masculine Principle in Action

Aries New Moon : Saturday April 18th : 11:57am PST

The sun has been in the fiery, forward moving and courageous sign of Aries since the vernal equinox, inspiring the outward movement necessary for the tender buds to break through the shell of the seed. On Saturday at 11:57am the moon, our instinctual self, enters into the sign of Aries to join the sun (our will) and this merging of two invites the yong, masculine principle into action.

The beginning of a cycle is always rich with this kind of outward creativity characterized by the primal urge to get to know itself, define its edges and stand in the precious fragility that is the expression of life force energy. New moon times are the perfect joining of both the archetypal masculine (the sun) and the feminine (the moon), or otherwise known as our will and our emotions...a time when the head and the heart join for the purpose of creative action. Whether or not this union is acted upon in visible and tangible ways, or perhaps more quietly like the whispering of a promise that has come into being, we can harness the rush of spring energy into courageous clarity of purpose and right stewardship of our innate power to create and define.

You may experience this Aries New Moon by its energetic, if not overwhelming flair for emotional display and action-before-thought. What is not properly stewarded can leak out in ways that don't serve life. To be clear and direct is one thing - refreshing even - but ask yourself before acting... what is this confrontation/feeling/project/action in service of? Take extra time to get clear, knowing that all life force energy is precious and not to be wasted.

With both the moon and sun in the 10th house these powerful warrior/ess archetypes may be playing themselves out in our careers, or the way in which we feel called to offer our gifts to the world. If you allow for reflection time, the RIGHT ACTION may inspire the changes, forward-movement, and clarity of purpose that you have been seeking in this arena. You just may find you have the courage to step into your own voice in a way you perhaps hadn't before.

Let the power of the masculine principle for action do its work on you as a creative being, and may that action be in service to your soul-infused, participatory work in the world.