Scorpio Full Moon - Lunar Beltane

Full Moon in Scorpio + Lunar Beltane

Sunday May 3rd : 8:42pm PST

I sit here in Sedona on solar Beltane, just two days before the moon turns full and ripe in the sign of Scorpio - marking both the apex of the lunar monthly cycle, and lunar Beltane. The energies of opposites dance ever-more present this morning as the sun rises over the yet cool and dark sandstone rock.

With the sun in Taurus we have an opportunity to allow our sensual, sexual, alluring and magnetic One to delight and revel in feeling for its own sake. In the touch of the rising sun on your skin, and in the moan of an orgasm, and the wild howling dance of what is present - grief, love, heartbreak, joy...all are touched into through the gateway of the body. Taurus, ruled by Venus, also gives us a moment at the outburst of spring to touch into our core values. What is worth creating? Making manifest? What is worth celebrating? What underlying message guides the hand of your artistry?

Opposite the sun, the full moon in Scorpio moves us through the gateway of the sensual body and manifest form to dance with the unseen : death, the taboo, Mystery, rebirth, and all that we don't know with our thinking minds. In this deep internal space is where we'll find the root of our values. Scorpio full moon asks that we take a moment to feel into the fact that our outward actions are ALWAYS rooted in unseen forces - the forces of our thoughts, our ancestry, our belief systems, the stories we tell ourselves...and those of our societies. 

What Lunar Beltane invites us into is a complete and total celebration of this sacred union - the seen and the unseen. To make LOVE, which is to create bring something manifest and beautiful into the world (Taurus) that are the offspring of all that is holy, quiet, dark, and unseen (Scorpio). This simple act of unifying ourselves in the pleasure and pain of ecstasy to our VALUES allows us to die to ways (Scorpio) that keep us at the surface of feeling...surface conversations, too-small vocations, self-sabotaging habits, and more, to renew LIFE in art and beauty (Taurus).

True no-shame, embodied and whole beauty-making. To that I will dance around this fire! So mote it be!