Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon : Sunday May 17th : 9:14pm PST

This New Moon in Taurus is working with us on an intuitive plane to integrate we've learned and experienced over the last month in Taurus; the delicious dance of our bodies, the pleasures, and true beauty of the earth in spring and the practices of rooting firmly into our own value system, among others. In the 6th house - the house of the Virgin, there is a window to release and refine the ways in which we offer ourselves on a daily basis to the world, and to recommit to a greater alignment. How can we be in service and sovereignty both? In what ways can we feed life impeccably? Artistically? Beautifully?

As with all new moons, the stars offer us an opportunity to be in the deepest Mystery. For every death there is new life. When we ground into this cyclic invitation, we can consciously bring things to light (waxing moon), dissolve old habits (waning) and recommit (New Moon) to our unique soul contract this lifetime. What needs tending?

The sun and the moon lie opposite Master Builder Saturn in 12th house. All oppositions are about integration, and widen the aperture of our focus. This day, the one who calls you to your own maturation and evolution lies in the mists of the 12th, and is presenting you with an opportunity to dance between your deeply felt emotional need to be of service in concrete and everyday ways, and the ways in which service becomes less tangible in the courageous act of dissolving habits, patterns, and constricting judgements of self and others. 

If New Moon in Taurus wants you to recommit and refine your values in impeccable, concrete ways, Saturn in the 12th invites you to remember not all our tools lie in the manifest world. In fact, Saturn may be asking you to feel into a realm deeper than the seen, to seek and come into relationship with your emotional, intuitive, and imaginal ways of knowing - your deepest integrity, and to let those ways inform your earth dance.