Sagittarius-Gemini Full Moon

Full Moon in Sagittarius : Tuesday, June 2 at 9:19am PST

The changing Moon Mother seeks expansion in the sign of Sagittarius in her upwelling desire to discover, to seek, to pilgrimage, and to learn the watery dance of the emotional body fueled by an unmistakable, if temporal, lust for life. A Sagittarius full moon in the 5th house invites us into a blooming of the creative current that lies just beneath - as Clarissa Pinkola Estes says, el río abajo río - the river underneath the river. The pull of the tide of your emotional/intuitive body may be more idealistic, grander, larger-than-life and ready to see the good in the world. A gift of the Moon Mother that is so deeply needed in our often isolated, if not painful human experience. FREEDOM is the name of the game. She asks; in what ways have you squeezed, packaged and bottled your emotional body, your intuitive ways of knowing... your creative expression?

Reaching its peak at 9:19am PST, the moon offers herself fully to the light of the sun. Radiant and receptive she illuminates this Sagittarian part of all of us; the centaur - part animal, part (wo)man. At this time in human history our planet, our children, and the quality of our lives are calling for us to remember the faculties of the body-as-guide. Our deep somatic Way of Knowing, our imaginal senses and the power of our intuition, feed and contribute to our rational, logic, quick-thinking minds this Tuesday. As the moon zeniths in Sagittarius she is asking us to remember what it feels like to sense and explore and discover with the whole of human Knowing. We just may discover something new and invigorating, (and not all human) in this dance.

Sitting opposite the sun in the sign of Gemini, our conscious ego may find him or herself to be readily available for quick, bright and witty conversation - either with other humans, or other-than-humans. This mutable air sign understands that communication and expression are the underlying threads of all society and all connection, and one may seek the invigorating high of a very Sagittarian-flavored chat with an old friend...or anyone at all! As the sun continues to shine bright in the sign of the twins the workings of our mind, ready to come out of Winter lethargy, are quick and active and full of wit. The higher mind reigns supreme. Cozied up to the planet Mars - the yang principle in the zodiac, you'll have no short supply of physical vitality and drive to express.

The invitation here at this full moon is to let the freedom-loving pilgrim of you nurture and play with your own creative sources within, to feed and the fuel the quality of your communion with others. All profound acts for the collective begin first in the recesses of the fecund heart. Guided by Mother Moon, let yourself feel it all, move with the primal tides of knowing, expand the boundaries of who you believe yourself to be, and make your contribution to the whole.