Full Moon in Capricorn-Cancer

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Found on Pinterest

Full Moon : Wednesday July 1st; 7:20pm PST

Earth meets Water as the moon reaches her fullest in the sign of Capricorn, receiving and reflecting the full light of the sun in Cancer as we enter July. This earth-water polarity invite us even deeper into an exploration of opposites in whose balance we are in desperate need in our world and our culture today. The balance of the masculine and feminine forces of our Universe, and the relationship between Self and Other.

With the sun in Cancer in the 7th house life moves outwardly with a pull to nourish, to seek care and be caring, and to play in the tides of relationship with Other. Cancer is very yin sign whose deep knowing arises from the emotional body. Shining bright, the light of sun brings conscious awareness to our needs - emotional and otherwise, in relationship. Cancer calls us to listen to the intelligence of the body - to the intelligence of our relational needs, which includes a pull towards intimacy. In our fast paced world, where can we bring a little more connection, care, and nourishment? Why is that so important for the wellbeing of our planet?

The Moon in Capricorn tethers our sense of self and our emotional needs directly to the One of us who provides the structure for life to unfurl skillfully. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the perfect exemplary of an initiated adult. One who can hold the deep vision with integrity and build supporting structures from the ground up. In the first house this full moon is especially self-focused. What support systems, delivery systems and life structures are calling to you from the dark? How does your emotional body inform you of when you are, or are not, in integrity in your life?  What structures and rituals support your self-blooming now and into the future?

These Earth-Water questions may seem at times to be at odds, but can you feel the both/and...the way in which our deep nourishment and emotional needs in relationship are directly related to our own ability to take the seat of Authorship (authority) in the unfolding of our life vision?