Gemini New Moon

New Moon in Gemini : June 16th : 7:06am PST

This curious, connective new moon opens our awareness and the workings of our minds to the affairs of the 12th house. The deep collective unconscious, the dreamtime, and our ability to bridge the realm of the intellect with the realm of the mythic. With the moon and the sun in the 12th, this day may be far from chatty, but the workings of the higher mind will be swift and deep. Mars saddles up to the two luminaries illuminating the proverbial underworld.

The moon represents our deepest emotional patterns - the well worn grooves of years of survival mechanisms and outside-in influences. At the same time, when we actively participate in the conversation the moon is offering to us, we have many opportunities to release such patterns and expand to new human capacities - we become able to create new, healthier ways of being that satisfy our own emotional needs and situate us as the hero or heroine of our life legacy. With the moon conjunct the sun in Gemini we are invited to initiate a new way of thinking, perceiving, and communicating about our reality, our dreams, and our feelings - as they rise from inside out. 

Quick witted and changeable, this moon begs us to let the realm of the unseen world inform our way of being in the world, specifically to invite us into a strong, and steady, all-knowing anchor point rooted in the rich humus of the dark. When the winds of change blow us about, we must have a line tapped into the world of our deepest Truth so that we know what is in alignment and serving life, and what is simply a reactive, knee-jerk response. It is here in this wild terrain that the conscious and subconscious dance.

Gemini is often associated with the story teller. To live fully is to know that we too are crafting a legacy, complete with dragons at the gate, the good witch down the road, and the treasure at the end of the journey. The treasure is always a jewel of our Truth, offered to us in soul encounters; challenged, refined, and fought-for until the inner dragon releases its hold. The Gemini moon will help you track the threads of your story, and bring them - the good and the ugly, to light.