New Moon in Cancer

Patricia Ariel from Art by Patricia Ariel

Patricia Ariel from Art by Patricia Ariel

New Moon in Cancer - Wednesday July 15th : 6:24pm PDT

The moon and her Mysteries have captured the human sensitivities since the beginning of time. Changeable, magnetic, reflective and cyclical, She has long reflected to us the dynamics of growth. Like the cycle of a plant, or the totality of a creative act, the moon reminds us that all transformation happens in the dance between opposites. The feeling sense and soulful subjectivity of the Moon herself, in relationship to the radiant spirit of the Sun. Today, on the eve of the new moon in Cancer, we're again invited into the realm of feeling, roots, and dark instinct as the Moon returns to the inner sanctuary of the Sun, and with her brings the prayers of Earth...the prayers held for the new cycle to come.

Mother Moon is quite comfortable in the watery sign of Cancer where her Emotional Intelligence and felt sense is celebrated and called forth as a necessary faculty where all life in concerned. To steward growth is to feel deeply for all beings and things. No life is less precious. No blooming flower less magnificent. The moon in Cancer draws up her skirt and calls all of life to seek sanctuary there...cozy and at home, warm in the embrace of her care. 

The NEW moon of a lunation cycle is a final moment of release. The invitation is to let go of the creative growth cycle that has just completed itself, while holding close the Mystery that all death makes room for new life. Those with strong Cancer in their charts may find this letting go moment to be counter their natural impulse  - which is to hold on - perhaps overmuch. Indeed, too much water can result in smothering, clinging, and surrendering to fear of the future - especially when it comes to relationship with others.  As we walk the path of relationship there will be many moments were Mystery invites us into recalibrating our perspective and learning to be in healthy balance between self and other - to let go of belief systems and patterns that keep ourselves and our others small, and to celebrate the completion phase of any cycle...which does mean 'letting go'.

Collectively we're all offered the same opportunity - to embody loss as a necessary and whole part of the cycle. In a culture that disregards and staunchly ignores the fecund dark, death, and shadow, Mother Moon in her New phase in Cancer gives us a moment to turn toward that which is difficult for us and feel it fully and deeply. The paradox here is that once we do face our fears with full heart, and let go of that which we are holding too tightly, a whole new phase of creativity floods forth for the coming cycle. But only then and not a moment before.

Cancer moon and sun in the 7th house is a call for each of us to live fully in the present, holding the Mysteries of both/and. Ask yourself; how can I be a healthy giver while staying in my center and tracking my own needs? What am I holding onto too tightly that might just need a little air? And what am I planting in the fertile soil of my foundation to nurture into the future in a way that only I can do?

And then feel your way into the answer. The mantle of Cancer New Moon provides the perfect dark for your inward journey, and the Sun always awaits your insight with rapt and constant attention.