Aquarius-Leo Full Moon

Full Moon in Aquarius : Friday, July 31st : 343am PST

Early Friday morning the moon turns full in the sign of Aquarius, directly opposing the sun to receive its full light in the sign of Leo. Both fixed signs, this alignment runs energy inwardly into the realm of the Self, where the invitation is to flower in sustainable, stabilizing ways - ways that can reach out, from the cave of the radiant heart to inspire a world for generations to come.

Aquarius is like a current of electricity that initiates radical evolution. This current runs through each one of us in flashes of visionary insight, in the urge to experiment, and in creative innovations. With an ability to see the cosmic view, these insights often lead to sudden shifts of consciousness for the entire collective.

Standing at the dawn of the Great Turning, a time on our planet where the earth and all of her creatures are in extreme peril, we need each Wild Heart to be the visionary that can inspire an entire civilization to shift toward sustainability and communion. No one being on this earth lives in isolation. We are all in communion one to another - each action we take, down to the tiniest, seemingly insignificant detail ripples out to effect an entire cosmos.

With the sun in Leo our radiant hearts are set to the tune of self-love, developing self confidence and our ability as creative, unique individuals to inspire those around us into their own form of creativity. As we do so , we all rise together, taking our seat as a unique and necessary contributor to the world we are making together. In essence, our ability to self-love is directly related to our ability to envision a world and a world-view that thrives in harmony - not only in our human communities, but in communion with the wider world we live in.

So this full moon shines on the places where we may be holding our visions at bay...where we think to ourselves as we make our daily choices; "I'm only this one little person...what difference can I possibly make?" And she reminds us of a primary human competency - the dare to DREAM. ENVISION and CREATE. Not only for ourselves, but as a revolutionary act. We create the world we want to see - we participate in the evolution of our place, from the seed in the trembling heart, to the current of the collective, we all matter.