Pisces-Virgo Full Moon

Full Moon in Pisces : Saturday August 29 : 11:36am PDT

There is an inner wisdom that has long been lost. Not only has it been long lost but when it pokes its head into our awareness we have all learned to shun it, deny it, and to discount it. That inner wisdom is not a book, as our present intellect would have us believe. It is not a bank of knowledge, or a storehouse of formulas. It is a living dimension of our very selves, and in its livingness it is in the moment, so that in order for us to tap that ancient deep inner wisdom we must engage it directly in its aliveness, we must be willing to be present with it on its terms, we must be willing to let it teach us its language rather than demanding that it speak in our own.
– E. S. Gallegos 

The two dynamic forces at play during this full moon explore the relationship between our daily rituals, actions, and habits and our connection to the realm of spirit/soul : our own muse that speaks with the transcendent voice of inner wisdom untethered to an outer source. With the sun in Virgo we are invited to take a good look at the way in which we spend our precious life-force energy.  The sign of the Virgin represents a seasonal time of year where the crops are harvested and distributed with care for the coming winter ahead. As the original sign of the Priest/Priestess, Virgo is an invitation to connect in service in a hands-on and integral way, to "engage life directly in its aliveness. "

The full moon receives the benefit of our conscious awareness in the sign of Pisces where we can see clearly how our rituals in the realm of matter (mater = mother) feed or deny our access to the depth of inner wisdom available to us. It is here, in the realm of the unseen that we "we must be willing to let [wisdom] teach us its language rather than demanding that it speak in our own." An  especially juicy invitation in a culture that is seemingly hellbent on 'mastering' all life realms - be it relationship, business, our bodies, our emotions, and/or countless other futile pursuits. Pisces is the sign most interested in softening the hard edges to allow ourselves to drift into the ocean currents - change IS the only constant. In other words, the invitation is to let LIFE master US. The great Mystery Schools were clear : the secret to fullness is to align our will with the cycles of life and death - the seen and the unseen. We are not in control, but Virgo says we can participate...we can feed our bodies, our lives, and the earth. We can be of service to the realms of men, mater, and Mystery. 

During this time be aware when Virgo shows up as the voice of a harsh inner critic. This voice will never allow you to participate messily - as we're meant to. We don't need to know all, we don't need to strive for perfection. We don't need to 'master' anything. We only need serve the best way we can. To stumble, and to fall. To learn and offer again. This is the way, but Virgo can forget, lost in minute detail, forever stalling a good thing. Pisces too can seek to escape integral participation by daydreaming, watching too much TV, checking out in drugs or alcohol, and/or seeking solace in number of other life numbing habits.  Let Virgo pull you back to aliveness.

This full moon would be a perfect time to connect to your inner voice, the one that knows the ancient wisdom, through simple self-designed ceremonies, walks in nature, and a recommitment to deep listening and right action. A compassionate heart and a bright full moon will light your way to the path of full participation.