Harvest Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra-Aries

“Lilith" by Frances Bramley Warren

“Lilith" by Frances Bramley Warren

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Harvest Blood Moon in Libra-Aries : Sunday, September 27th : 7:50pm PDT

The moon will take on the shadow of the Earth during the upcoming total lunar eclipse, casting it a visible shade of red for about an hour - known as a "blood moon". This full moon in the sign of Libra-Aries marks the grand finale of eclipse season, both a blood moon lunar eclipse, a harvest moon, AND a supermoon, where the elliptical path of the moon comes closest to the earth. This particular combination won't happen again until 2033 and calls back to the last Harvest blood moon that happened in 1982.

Eclipses mark opportunities for major completion and integration of much-larger cycles of individual and collective growth. We can think of them like powerful threshold crossings or crucibles through which evolution occurs, marking both an ending and a new beginning where we invite in the next octave of understanding and wisdom into our lives. In the sign of Libra-Aries, we revisit the tricky and oftentimes frustrating terrain where the autonomous sovereign self meets conscious, right relationship. 

To venture here at all it would be first beneficial to toss out our pre-concieved definitions. To evolve we're always asked to step out of the too-small boxes created by external sources, and instead give permission to our own radical creativity. We source within to our own river of wisdom that arises at times when we need it most. A massive re-orientation toward conscious equal partnership is most certainly underway. As men and women shake off the residue of patriarchal concepts of what it means to be man or woman, gay or straight, and anywhere in between, we necessarily come against out-dated paradigms and struggle to continue to break free.

Aries, when healthy, is about autonomous personal freedom. The power to choose, to explore, to bloom, for its own sake...for the sheer delight of Being. Unfortunately we're surrounded by a cultural ethos that plays up, not the healthy expression of Aries, but its shadow, where rugged individualism and ego-centric reactivity are our best examples of personal freedom.

Libra too, is misunderstood. The sign of conscious relationship and balance quickly becomes fraught with projections of the 'perfect partner' - which our ego believes is one who will never threaten our self of self, that would satisfy every possible desire - in anticipation! And will never, not ever, show us our shadow. 

Both of these cultural symptoms point to a common dis-ease. The myth that in either case, that we are separate and incomplete. If we are incomplete, then we rely on outside sources for our sense of self, our personal power, and our satisfaction in relationship.

A healthy individual, one that centers its autonomy on the very fact that we are in communion with all beings, is whole unto him/herself. This individual acts in delight of personal freedom, knowing at bone deep, that he/she has the power to shape his/her world. Two beings, who meet on equal ground in their wholeness, create a fluid exchange of energy that neither drains nor relies on the 'other' for its creative fulfillment. 

There is nothing like relationship to allow you see your own shadow. It is undoubtedly a powerful crucible that at one point or another will challenge our sovereignty. Our personal truth. And our ability to stand courageously - and messily - in the face of all our humanity.

I'm reminded of Lilith, the original Eve, who was exiled from the garden for her demands for equality in partnership. What have you exiled that needs calling home? Your personal authorship? Your sovereign self? Your ability to be whole?

Perhaps, for many of us, it is our courage we need to call home...to see for ourselves the parts of us that are not whole, the ways we believe ourselves to be somehow separate, at the whims of others actions to 'make us' feel free, or trapped. Loved or unloved. Seen or unseen...

Take time this weekend to review your take on conscious equal partnership. Has your relationship story been one of inequality? What shifts are awaiting your attention as you pass through the gates of sovereignty?