Leo-Aquarius Full Moon

Full Moon : Saturday, January 23 : 5:46pm PST

Today the moon waxes full in the sign of Leo, opposite the sun in Aquarius. These two energetic imprints exist on a fluid spectrum from the individual (Leo), to the collective (Aquarius), calling forth our re-membering of ourselves as part of a larger Earth Community. Each individual action we make does not, and never has, existed in a vacuum of solitude. Despite our culture and our economy’s myth of more-is-more and the rugged individual, what we are waking up to now in the Age of Aquarius is the fallacy of this archaic and lonely understanding.

A healthy Leo creates in radiant, love-filled, and unique ways, offering the pith of her/himself without need for praise or recognition on the level of the ego. When each of us are in our healthy Leo, we are sovereign in the highest sense. We create for the sake of Creation, for the sake of birthing our gifts into the world, and on behalf of All. Healthy Leo lifts the collective capacity for self-meets-other-love. 

Aquarius is the sign of the revolutionary, the visionary, the culture-bearer. She/he too deeply understands the nature of exchange, not monetary exchange but true reciprocity, true communion. We are far more powerful we when resonate together than when we strive for a kind of autonomy that simply doesn’t exist in Nature. 

When these two forces align in opposition, as is the case this Full Moon, the message is to unite what appear to be opposites - the individual with the collective - in the warp and weft of Life’s Tapestry. Central to this weaving is the understanding that your gifts are needed here now in this time of The Great Turning, not for yourself, or for your ego, but for the Earth Community of which you are a part. Similarly, we are each asked to align ourselves with the collective that most inspires our Gifts. Spend some time in Mother Nature, find your place in Action, sign up to offer your time to a cause that most inspires you…revision the way things have been done.

Here in Hawaii I am with the Pacific Northwest Humpback Whales. They remind me why I’m here, they show me The Rhythm Way, the soul song, and the Mysterious Presence pervading all of life. Prior to my arrival here I dreamt of a council of whales. All coming together from far and wide to gather on the shore, eyes pointed toward land, toward our human communities. They are waiting for us now, for our radiant gifts, and our participation in the great creative project of our time. 

Aquarius Full Moon.jpg