Capricorn New Moon

Capricorn New Moon : January 9, 2016 : 5:31pm PST

With the sun and the moon in Capricorn we begin the first lunar cycle of the new year in fertile darkness. Capricorn, one of the oldest signs of the zodiac, is also one of the most misunderstood. Ruled by stern Saturn, Capricorn is often painted as serious, and calculating on its way to the top. But underneath these modern projections lies a mystic side of Capricorn - one that we need very badly right now in our world. 

Capricorn’s glyph, the SeaGoat, is part mountain goat, and part whale tale. Capricorn reminds us that any movement “up” requires a intentional root “down” for it to bloom sustainably and be truly masterful. 

In the western world, especially at this time of year, we are inundated with messages of consumerism, one-way “growth” and personal goal-setting. Capricorn is here to remind us in this first cycle, that more-is-more is no longer a worldview that works. In fact, rampant desire to become has contributed to the degradation of culture, the marginalization of indigenous peoples, and absolute disregard for the environment. Our planet as an Earth Community, simply cannot sustain the forward thrust as we, as a species, have been up to. 

Instead, at the beginning of 2016, in the midst of incredible opposing tension, Saturn is here to catch us by the back of our neck on our undiscerning way UP to remind us how much we need to dip our tail DOWN into the waters of creativity, receptivity, integrity and intention….way down deep in the dark, the lowest of the low, to truly ‘master’ our craft and offer our gifts. Perhaps Saturn’s message will be for us to shed something in the New Year, without thought for gain. Perhaps in your dreams, and your visions, and in your imagination you too have heard the voice of the Earth calling us to imagine a more inspiring and inclusive vision of success, one that has the power the rebuild the western world, and our values along with it.

In either case, let this darkness envelop you completely. Sit outside, if even for one moment, dip your tail down into the waters, where the whale song will serenade you, and perk your little goat ears toward the mountaintop. We have work to do.