Aries Full Supermoon

Right ACTION and Creative Insight

Saturday, October 15th : 9:23pm PDT

This full moon is electric, fiery, and will wait for no one. You may feel abuzz about nothing and everything in particular. In the sign of Aries, conjunct the lightning bolt that is Uranus, the initiatory power of raw energy and insight intend to spur you into action. The only trouble is, which action? Moving too soon on impulse or out of impatience could be detrimental to your day - or even your month or year. Strong feelings of impatience, impulsiveness, and a heavy dose of unpredictability may enter your field and mess up your careful, methodical plan. Or perhaps some seemingly outside influence comes by to give you a kick in the pants - one you didn’t think you wanted or needed, and in a flash, your world has changed. 

Certainly, this full moon is not one to take lying down.

What healthy Aries does for us stir up enough tension in our field to catalyze right action.

There is no question that we all need to be channeling and using the gifts we were endowed with NOW. Such wild times call for the warrior in each of us. And nothing brings us into action faster than feeling the fulness of our emotions. Emotions that run big - always, and that shift shape and form like weather patterns throughout our days, spurring us to make conscious choices that matter to us. 

Paradoxically, sometimes the best kind of action, is inaction. Negative capability is the capacity to actively choose to wait and do nothing in the face of complexity. Sometimes, the best thing we can do, is say we don’t know what to do. In these cases, we can always tune in, feel deeply, make small choices that count, get informed, and gather our resources. Action is all about right timing.

Be so aware this full moon of the urge to act impulsively out of anger, fear or irritation. Be extra present throughout your day, in your car, and on the street. Let your untamable emotions have you in a safe space. This electric planetary mixer will do what it can to get your attention. Recklessness is what happens when we act without purpose.

My best advice? Take a bath. Take deep breaths. Dance, run, or play fully. Feel deeply. Make a conscious choice to lay down your anxiety for the future. Notice the little things, and gather in all of that raw energy and insight, biding your time for just the right moment to express it into the world.

You’ll know it when it comes.