Full Moon in Virgo-Pisces

Tomorrow at 10:20am PST, the moon blooms in the sign of Virgo, opposite the sun in Pisces. 

Photo by Megan Kathleen Photography

Photo by Megan Kathleen Photography

Virgo is the sign of the priestess. The one who is in service of spirit in the manifest world. She listens for and tracks the guiding structure of all of life, the rhythmic wax and wane of the Great Round - moving from conception, to life, and to death. What is sacred to us here on this Earth is made so by its threads anchored to what is unseen, yet ever present. The shaman and the priestess work in this place of betwixt and between where creative potential is the bridge between the vast, undifferentiated and archetypal world of upper and under, and the day-to-day stewardship of life. 

So I ask you this; how do you sacralize your world?

As with any zenith we stand in the space between the inhale and the exhale. We are full, ready to release. The planet, your communities, your families and friends - all need to receive the breath of the holy from your mouth, and in reverberation of your deeds…in ways large and small, visible and quiet. We always have a choice in how we participate in our lives. What are the rituals that keep you in remembrance of What Matters Most? How do you feel you are called to pull through the mists what is in desperate need of being here? Don’t besmirch your capacity to effect change.You do matter. There is much tending to be done.

May it be a fruitful and felt exhale.