Aquarius New Moon and Lunar Imbolc

Aquarius New Moon : Lunar Imbolc : February 8, 2016 6:39am PST

photo by Megan Kathleen Photography

photo by Megan Kathleen Photography

This communication is arriving late to you, a near 12 hours after the moon waned dark in sign of Aquarius - a potent seasonal threshold that marks Lunar Imbolc. For my tardiness I apologize, but trust that NOW is the time. As for the last few hours and days, I assure you what insights have made themselves known to you have been seeded, tended and nurtured by your own wild imagination and deep dreaming. 

Lunar Imbolc is a time in the Northern Hemisphere that first promises the brilliance of Spring to come. Only the most tenacious little seeds begin their journey to root now - seeds that represent the visions we hold for the blooming to come. With the moon in Aquarius we too are invited to tend to the sprouts that are most needed in our worlds right now, individually and collectively. We’re called as Keepers of the Flame, Stewards of the Earth, and as Cultural Artisans to bring forth the most tenacious of dreams. The same dreams that have been tugging at you in sometimes subtle, and sometimes wily ways. The dreams that effect and involve all of us as kin and co-collaborators for the world we want to see.

For this task we simultaneously recognize that the work of bringing our visions forward is both ours alone to do, and that we never do it alone. Our guides, our ancestors and the future ones crowd around, ready and willing, and in some cases begging, to be resourced and remembered. Your human community too, whether kin or adopted kin, stand close by as allies.

On this Lunar Imbolc I wish you the gift of knowing in your bones your own sacred purpose…and how very badly we all need you now.