Libra-Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra-Aries : Wednesday, March 23rd : 5:01 AM PST

Image found on Pinterest. 

Image found on Pinterest. 

Recapitulating a particularly potent and challenging theme for us now on the planet, the moon waxes full in the sign of Libra, 180 degrees from the sun in Aries on March 23rd at 5:01am PST. The last time the moon and the sun danced with the current of sovereign Self meets Other was September 2015 during the full blood moon eclipse. Now just after the Spring Equinox when the sun entered into Aries, we have another opportunity to see ourselves in relationship in a new light. Lunar eclipses happen when the moon moves into the shadow of the earth, which is to say, the moon illumines the shadows so that we can see them, dance with them, and integrate them.

Intimate one-on-one relationship in any context is a sharing of worlds. The more skillful we become at knowing our own world, at navigating it, learning its wounds and challenges, what gives it life, and how it fits into the whole, is never for the sake of I, but for the sake of We. The more we have explored the terrain in our own world, the more skilled we are at sharing it, and the more interested and curious we become at receiving the world of another, whole and perfect unto itself. 

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges on the path of spirit and soul is the embodiment of the deep work, where we’re called to step out of our inner realm where we can be vulnerable with the God/dess, and step into vulnerable sharing, being, and breathing with another. This full moon eclipse invites you to see what is still in shadow. 

Has your deep work become a place to hide? Is human intimacy your undoing? How do you come to know yourself more in communion? And finally, can self-realization ever really be done alone?

A good orientation to have is in knowing that shadow does not imply ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. Shadow is equally not the parts of you you know about and don’t like, but rather is what you DO NOT see and do not know - both juicy qualities, and potentially damaging ones. In any case, the shadow contains a resource for us - a gift, and many of our human partners in love, work and life, are the first to see what we do not.

Let’s remember that we share the fragility of being human, and the complexity, and vulnerability. Let this eclipse show you the gift that is yours to own and carry, and may we be strong and compassionate enough to be shaped by the shadow of relationship, for this too is a kind of fierce love.